Quiet Sunday Sports Happenings

Wow what a pathetic day for sports in this city. Not a single interesting column in a local paper. Even Simmons’s column was a total bore. I did hear 2 pretty funny segments on sports radio today. The first was on the Fan, during their Outside the Lines show (better known as degenerate radio). The fellas were talking to some guy who is a head guru at an outfit called Don Bests. Bests is the leader in aggregating sports betting lines and sports injuries. WAKE UP! I know, it’s thrilling stuff. Wait, it was around 11am Toronto when they had this guy on, and he was in Vegas. It may have been the worst interview ever in sports radio history. The guy had no personality, he gave the most obvious, stupid, one word answers to every question…I don’t bet on sports, but I do find that show pretty entertaining…all the experts… seriously, the worst interview ever…

The next funny segment was on my new favorite sports radio station, AM550 Buffalo. Their hockey coverage is good, and I usually listen to them when Hogan and Roscoe are on. Anyways, as you may have heard the Buffalo Bills signed Terrell Owens yesterday afternoon. Naturally, this is big news in Buffalo as the Bills now have a premiere receiver on their team. Correct me if I am wrong but I think TO has more receiving touchdowns himself in the last 2 seasons then the entire Bills team combined (again, i could be wrong but I think only the Miami Dolphins who went 1-15 last year had less then the Bills.) The woman who was doing the news updates this morning lead every update with the Owens news and ended each update with “stay tuned to 550 for more news on the Owens signing”. Clearly, and understandably, Buffalo radio today wall Owens, all the time. However, the funny part was the host who was on from about 11-12 who was trying to oversell TO. Owens has a tad bit of a reputation as being a locker-room killer. He enters teams and leaves ala Tasmanian Devil. So when you take on a guy like TO you know you are risking chemistry for the gain of performance. TO sulks like hell when his team is winning and he isn’t the reason. That is the type of character you get when you sign him. He is, however and unbelievable receiver. So this guy on the radio was saying how TO got a kick to the ego after being cut buy the Cowboys and now has something to prove by coming to all places (his words, not mine) Buffalo. The host then went on to say that this was TO’s last shot at continuing to make the big bucks in the NFL, I believe he said something like “If Owens doesn’t have a HUGE year here, he is done.” Now, to me that is funny as hell. Owens does have to have a good year. Isn’t it more important for him to clean up his reputation then it is for him to have a HUGE year. I mean in order for a receiver to catch a ball for a touchdown, someone has to have thrown that ball…right? I have to think that the fact the Bills have been the 2nd worst team over the last years in the NFL at scoring receiving touchdowns says something about the guys throwing the ball as it does about the guys catching it. Am I nuts? Am I missing something? I would think, coming to the Bills gives a guy like TO lots of ammunition vis a vie excuses for a less then “HUGE” year performance wise. To hear this guy say it was funny as hell. Sorry if it doesn’t translate well.

Speaking of funny, I took the family to see the Raptors play the Jazz today. It was actually a pretty entertaining game. There was a decent crowd on hand and most were very into it. The funny part was that the game was billed as Nickelodeon Family Fun Day. There were posters and promos with Dora the Explorer, Diego and Sponge Bob EVERYWHERE. Early in the second quarter we took the kids to get something to eat so we wouldn’t miss the halftime festivities with all their favorite characters. Well, halftime arrives and out wobbled (literally) Sponge Bob and a character whose name I don’t know. They were on the court for maybe 2 minutes while three fans did a dress up contest after spinning around on a baseball bat for 1 minute. A funny bit, I agree, but after the 2 minutes ended, the court emptied, characters and all. To quote little TSM “That’s it?? This isn’t family fun day, that sucked!” Remember folks he is 6! What a farce that was! Anyways, the game was fun, the Raptors choked at the end, and the loudest ovation came at the buzzer as the Raptors scored a final, meaningless basket which took them over 100 points, earning each fan a free piece of Pizza Pizza. Seriously, you would have thought we each had won the 649 52 million jackpot. The place went NUTS….

Interesting bit in Brady’s blog over the weekend:

” I didn’t know until Friday afternoon that there was a Davis Cup tie going on in our city this weekend. How is THIS event not televised anywhere? What an embarrassment, seriously. Doesn’t this tell you how far tennis has fallen? I can’t think of a single other nation on the planet which doesn’t televise the Davis Cup for its home nation viewers. Tennis Canada has to take some blame for not getting the word out on this tournament. They should be calling and PLEADING with shows like ours and all the ones at 590 (yes, even the boring ones) to get Frank Dancevic, or Danny Nestor, or Martin Laurendeau, the team captain on with us so we can promote the product and move some tickets.”

I happen to be a tennis fan and I had no clue it was going on this weekend either. I played hockey this am at York Canlan arena and a ton of people were heading over to the Tennis stadium, but I had no clue it was going on. The reason this surprises me is that the Roger’s Cup is, in my opinion the best live sporting event in the city all year. Everything from the facilty, to the stadium to the event itself is just fantastic. Clearly there is a place for Tennis in this city and I agree that the folks who organized this event blew it. I remember going to the old MLG to watch tennis every year and having a great time. I have no clue why this wasn’t heavily promoted, but it should have been. I would rather have listened to one of the tennis guys yapping this past week as opposed to the owner of the Argos (again) , a member of the Toronto Rock (again) or even, gasp, Dreger and Morrison every night.

“Seriously, Tennis Canada owes tennis fans more. I am going to aim to find out why coverage for this tie — yes, I know it’s not in the World Group — was so pitiful. Good on Damien Cox for heading out and writing about this. Seriously, Cox is the finest writer we have in the city, and his ability to be so versatile is a big reason why.”

Damien has always been a tennis fan. He and Brunt do a good job covering these types of events. I will be interested in seeing if Damien does the right thing and calls Brady after this type of post as he did after Brady (rightfully) blasted Cox’s headline writer several months ago….

Meanwhile, over in Leaf land, I think they are going to start running defence tryouts in the GTA. No one wants anyone to get injured but, man could this not have happened a little earlier? (that was a joke folks!). I feel badly for Van Ryn. It should be interesting to see how Wilson puts out a lineup every night. If I was one of the healthy guys left I would go kiss Sorono’s bat or something for extra good luck.

More in the am…

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