Bikini OTD -Garrioch Is An Idiot

Here’s your bikini of the day for the day after the deadline from

I am off on a jet plane this evening folks- I am going in search of Sergei Berezin. I won’t be back until Friday evening, so I don’t know what my week will look like post wise. I am sure LT will keep you entertained!

Anyways, before I go….

What a complete and udder dipstick Bruce Garrioch is…Get a load of this crap from his blog:

“Ron Wilson

This guy really is something. This great man.
He has no clue that there’s something called selling the game of hockey.
Yes, even in this town.
How does he not play Martin Gerber tonight?
What is Wilson afraid of? Is Wilson afraid Gerber is going to get nailed by the Senators?
This is just ridiculous. Actually, it’s a joke. Wilson claims to not care about the media and then says he thinks the media in Ottawa is looking for mock Gerber.
Fans would be intrigued to see how Gerber does. It’s no wonder attendance is slipping in the NHL. Guys like this genius behind the Toronto bench don’t get it. They don’t get it all. When there are empty seats in buildings around the league a genius like Wilson might understand selling the game. It’s the story everybody wants to see.
Anyway, we all know what we think of Ron Wilson. That’s enough said.”

What the fuck does Ron Wilson owe the Senators, their owner or their fans? I for one could care less about who plays in net, it’s not the story I want to see, so count me out of the everybody list!. What a stupid comment by a stupid, stupid man.

Have a good day folks- talk to you from the other side of the pond!

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Down Goes Brown
March 9, 2009 3:05 pm

Well, in fairness to Bruce Garrioch, he’s been working harder to sell the game in Ottawa than anybody over the years. No matter what’s going on, he’s always making sure fans know that everything is wonderful and they should buy up all those tickets.

Mike S
Mike S
March 9, 2009 4:03 pm

I agree that Wilson should start Gerber tonight and then start CuJo tomorrow………….it reminds me a bit of when Detroit refused to start CuJo against the Leafs when he made his return to Toronto…………however the reasons that Garrioch gives for criticizing Wilson are borderline ridiculous.

March 9, 2009 5:55 pm

Inasmuch as I don’t take pleasure in watching CUJO spanked into retirement, this is the right thing to do.Gerber could respond with a huge game, we can’t afford the points at this late stage of the season.Garrioch is probably aware of this too and is worried the Sens willpass the Leafs.

The Meatriarchy
March 10, 2009 6:51 am

Boy there sure were a lot of empty seats last night. Who knew so many people wanted to see Gerber so bad. And it was so quite in that arena. The players must have thought they were playing in a practice arena.

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