Bikini OTD -From Germany

Here’s your bikini of the day German style! from

Greetings from Berlin. I left Toronto last night on one of those new Airbus planes that Air Canada is flying- wow how cool. While I wasn’t in business class, the seats look like something out of the jetsons. It’s funny how fast 9 hours on a comfortable plane seems compared to the 1 hour flight from Frankfurt to Berlin. For those of you I have commiserated with about how brutal Toronto’s airport is, you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t been to Berlin. The baggage claim is right at the gate. There is no room for people to stand and wait for bags. The carousel would deliver about 6 bags at a time before turning off. It almost took as long to get my bag as the entire flight did! Also amazing how quickly one goes through customs here. I handed the officer my passport, he stamped it and I moved on. No questions asked, or answered. What a novel idea! Frankfurt’s airport is pretty wild. When you land there you may as well be at JFK or another big international terminal. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING (down to the Ben and Jerry’s) ice cream cart is in English.

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