Brady Twitters Garrioch- Review Of Toronto Sports Media Twitters

I, have what some may call a slight weight problem....
I, have what some may call a slight weight problem....

So, far no sign of Sergei Berezin. I am really hoping I can find him here. It is pouring rain and that made for a fairly unsuccessful day of sightseeing. Tomorrow it is off to the trade show so hopefully I will find some more time to hunt him down.

There are now 2 members (that I know of anyway) of the Toronto Sports Media scene who are taking advantage of the Twitter Craze. One is Jeff Blair of the globe and mail (@GloBlair) and the other is Greg Brady (@am640Brady). Other outlets are catching on, The Score does a good job @the_score, Fan 590 is very active @fan590, the Toronto Star Sports has become very active of late too @starsports. 640 Toronto has an account but it is more general focused as opposed to sports only. Anyway, Greg Brady, whom is kind enough to chime in here from time to time took on Bruce Garrioch today on his twitter account:

How friggin funny is that???? I think we all can get a good chuckle out of that. For those who can’t read that it says:

“Also, heard back from Bruce Garrioch. Wants me to stop making fun of both his obesity and the fact he has no credibility in the sport”
“At least, that’s what I think he said. His mouth was full of chicken poppers, muttering about Malkin to the Kings for a 1st and Kopitar”

Now I know there are going to be those of you out there who are going to say this is offensive, Brady shouldn’t pick on the guy for his weight… It’s in good humor and at least he didn’t do it behind his back as I am sure others do.

More importantly, it is really great to see guys like Brady and Blair adopt modern technology and trends. I don’t know how many of you out there use twitter, however I can tell you that for news and sports it is great. On deadline day it was better then sitting in front of the tv and trying to switch between the networks. Jeff Blair’s live tweets during the Jays exhibition games, are, in my mind anyway better then his live blog. Because each is limited to 140 characters you get a real sense of what he is thinking with each post. Similarly, Brady and the folks over at the Fan use twitter to promo what is coming up, to instill some levity in to our days and to try to get people to participate. Besides all the joke account which I also think are funny, as a technology fan I really enjoy the ability to interact with some of the folks in the business while they are on the job. I am curious, of you out there who use it, who would you like to see in the Toronto Sports Media market use it (legitimately)? Personally, I would like to see whomever takes the torch from Bowen to use it, not during live games, but maybe intermission, while traveling with the team etc. I am surprised a guy like Jonas doesn’t use it. Please leave others in the Toronto Sports Media Market who are effectively using twitter below… More later…

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