A Fraud Named McCormick

Good morning from Berlin. My last full day here, not sure how many if any posts you will see from me tomorrow as I will be flying home….

How great is Bergergate?! I think it’s time that the Toronto Sports Fans start the Tofu Challenge….What, you ask is the Tofu Challenge? Tofu, as you all know if best described as “Burger Replacement”.

In any event, it is so nice to see Sean McCormick stick u for his little buddy Howie. Wilson could, you now, turn on any of the media in Toronto and of course these guys need to stick together against big bad Wilson. (wink wink).:

“Dear Ron Wilson,

On behalf of my colleague Howard Berger, I would like to say, for the love of God, put a sock in it and coach hockey. I’ve been involved in more than my fair share of press conferences and scrums in my career where the subject engages in a verbal attack on one of the reporters. Each and every time, the rest of the scrum goes completely silent, never once coming to the aid of his fellow reporter. Shameful, I know, especially given the “us vs. them” view you take on your team’s relationship with the Toronto media, but that’s just how she goes. This was the case again Tuesday following your victory over the Islanders (congrats, by the way).”

Is it me or am I sensing a tad bit of sarcasm????

“With only a handful of games left in the season, your “us vs. them” approach to your media addresses is wearing thin. And given that your team is now 14 games below .500, might I suggest that you start viewing “them” as the men lacing up their skates in the visitors dressing room, not the men holding microphones in the hallway.”

Ah yes, the old divert attention from the issue at hand and focus on an opponents apparent weakness ploy, in this case his teams performance. Sorry, I don’t buy it. The media in this town fancies itself to be tough, and loves that it thinks it has the ability to shape and influence decision makers.. Again, I don’t buy it. Berger was offside and Wilson called him on it. Enough said.

“You have spent far too much time worrying about what “we” say this year and it’s clearly taking a toll. It’s as if you believe that it’s fun covering a team that loses as much as yours does. Do you really think that we enjoy asking a cranky coach about his ninth loss in 10 games? Look, I’ve covered winners and losers and I’ll tell you right now that it’s a lot more fun covering a winner. But I get the feeling you think that we want you to lose.”

Yes you do. Bad news, in the this town sells papers, airtime and get the most attention. Look at the most successful scribes around and tell me which is “pro Toronto sports teams”. They all have to defend themselves for being anti- the Toronto team they cover. None, you see are fans. None care if they win or lose. We’ve heard it all a million times before. Would it be easier to cover the team if they are winning? Of course, would they sell more papers, more commercials? Nope, they know it. They don’t look for the feel good stories, they look for the scoop, the juicy angle etc.

“Newsflash Rotten Ronny: We don’t give a flying Frogren about you, your boss or any of the players on your team. We have bills to pay. That’s why we show up at the rink. Not to question your integrity. Sincerely, Just Another Talking Head”

Wow- strong words. So, this is just a job. It’s a means to an end. You do this only to pay the bills. Kudos to you Mr. McCormick, at least your honest about it. Problem is, I don’t buy it. Look at this piece on McCormick’s sportsnet page:

“Bio in Sean’s own words: I’ve always admired broadcasters that bring a little something extra to the table that separates them from the pack – an edge – without sacrificing their natural personality in the process. It’s a philosophy I’ve tried to pattern my own career after. Unfortunately, it’s landed me in hot water more times than I care to remember over the course of my eight years in television, but I figure it’s better to get lost in “letters on file” than lost in “the shuffle”. I’ve lived in every province west of Quebec at least twice in my life, each stop providing a unique perspective on Canada and Canadian sports. That’s part of what makes it especially nice to work for a regional sports network like Sportsnet, catering to the diverse sporting loyalties of this great country. Whether it’s discussing The West Coast Express, The Battle of Alberta, or Leaf Nation, I hope my personal experience as both a broadcaster and fan can add to the casual conversation (or profanity-laced debate). Either way, I love my job.

Hmmmmmmm, I smell a rat. Let me get this straight. You hope your experience as a fan can add to the casual performance and you your job???? That seems a tad bit contrary to how you finished your Ronnie Wilson piece. That bio doesn’t sound like a guy who doesn’t care about the subjects he covers, HE’S A FAN! I have said far too many times that this whole, “I am not a fan, I don’t care who wins and loses” attitude sounds nice, but just isn’t “sell-able” to me. McCormick’s bio confirms it. I guy who loves his job doesn’t say he does it to pay the bills. Guys who do it “to pay the bills” aren’t fans, they don’t do homework, they don’t to the extra stuff that this guy appears to do. They do what they have to get by. They punch in at 9 and out at 5 (or whatever their hours are). I have no problem with McCormick’s bio. It actually makes me want to watch and or listen to him more. The problem is he tries to sell himself as something he isn’t in his Wilson post. Too bad, here is a guy who maybe, just maybe we could have liked to watch for years to come. Oh well, on to Jonas….

Have a good day folks.


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The Meatriarchy
March 12, 2009 7:54 am

Check out the comments section to his posting 90% of them are blasting McCormick. Awesome!

March 12, 2009 8:46 am

I read the article and although I thought it was sad that he felt the need to take up for his girl Berger, the last paragraph about not caring about the coaches, GM or players really dissapointed me. He is almost bragging about not being a fan. And the Toronto media wonders why they have a strained relationship with the Team and its fans.

March 12, 2009 8:58 am

I liked Berger’s reply to Wilson much better: “So what? You question our integrity all the time.”

Since when does a coach get a free pass from an offensive line of questioning? Wilson gets paid very well to deal with affronts to his integrity.

And while I agree that McCormack’s reply is overwrought, so is your dissection. His bio may reference the experiences he has as a fan, but that doesn’t mean he has his foam finger on every time he goes to a presser. It also doesn’t mean he’s a fan of the Leafs.

I take his comments about not caring as reflecting the professional detachment he has to have from the subjects he’s covering as a journalist.

March 12, 2009 9:17 am

Wilson didn’t get a free pass. If he got a free pass then Berger would have been fired after asking the question and wouldn’t have been there for the follow-up. Since when can’t a coach respond.

I’ve noticed that the MSM has generally rallied behind Berger while the blogs and fans have generally rallied behind Wilson. Somehow I have a feeling that Wilson will come out worse in the end. I bet he just wants it to go away.

You can’t win a fight with the media.

March 12, 2009 10:28 am

What’s worse though, rather than speak up to defend Berger when they had an opportunity he shuts his yap like a coward and then writes an open letter to Wilson. What a bunch of friggin’ pussies some of those Toronto sports collumnists/reporters/analysts are. They’ll be sure to act tough when you give them a pen and a paper, you bet they’ll write some big tough retoric in a letter and wow that certainly is courageous. But face to face or when they have an opportunity to speak directly to the coach they turtle. Give me a friggin’ break, just suck it up.

Good on Wilson for sticking it back to Happy Howie. Berger is a complete and utter tool and shouldn’t be allowed to write about the Leafs anymore, period.

And McCormick jumping to his defence was just as pathetic as Howies question about why Wilson calls a stick penalty now but not back in November.

Mike S
Mike S
March 12, 2009 11:20 am

I don’t know how you can say that more newspapers are sold when there is bad news and a losing team than when there is a winning team……………don’t you think there were many more papers sold between 1985 and 1993 when the Jays won than the last few years when the Jays were basically irrelevant??……….don’t you think that there is much more interest when the Leafs are a contender and making a run in the playoffs than when they are out of the playoffs almost at the start of the season like they were this year??

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