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Evening from Berlin. Sad to say, despite my best efforts, I failed to find Berezin. In fact, it was impossible to find the existence of hockey in these parts at all. I can assure it wasn’t for lack of looking.

I just read a really good article by Jim Kelley. Yes you read that correctly. His take on the Berger affair is good. It is fair and balanced. Kelley sees Berger’s point in asking the question he asked and also accepts that Berger didn’t mean to question Wilson’s integrity in so asking the question. I don’t buy that at all, but so be it. I think Berger knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to elicit a response from the coach and I have to believe he is happier then a pig in shit to be getting this type of attention. Kelley also sees Wilson’s point. He concludes that both guys were just doing their jobs. I think that is true too. Both have reputations and both have egos. Both also have jobs to do. Good work on the part of Kelley.

I need a microscope to read his blog, but Brady has a good take on the Berger episode too. I like this part the best, check it out for yourself though :

“Anyway, Berger likes to poke and prod and if injected with the truth serum, has wanted a public blow-up such as what happened last night for some time. It’s a wonder it took nearly 70 games.”

Leafs vs the bolts tonight…A game for the ages. Not staying up to watch that tonight. Too tired and I have to get up too early. Is my man LT playing the point for the Buds yet? One more injury and he may get the call.

Does anyone else find it funny how reporters from one outlet refuse to name a reporter from another? I am sure someone is going to tell me why they do it, or the reasons why they do it, however, it sounds funny as hell. Case in point:

“Leafs coach Ron Wilson got into it with a radio reporter following the game, suggesting that the radio guy had questioned his integrity. The radio guy didn’t see it that way. ”

That from Steve Buffery’s article in today’s Sun. Now, everyone reading that knows he is talking about Berger. There is no mystery here. Why, not just say the name? By the way, Berger gets a lot more attention on Hanky’s site then he does from the radio gig, shouldn’t he be referred to as a blogger as opposed to the radio guy? The National Post handled it differently, referring to Berger by name but also stating that he contributes (if you can call his work a contribution) to the paper. The Post does a nice job of transcribing the whole episode and even placing a link to a video from youtube. You can read it here

Interesting that both Mike Toth and Jeff Blair absolutely roasted Ernie Whitt for his managing of team Canada in the WBC, saying that he actually did a worse job of managing then Buck Martinez. Fan post game guy Mike Wilner however didn’t see it that way…”Ernie Whitt is going to take a lot of heat for this, and may not even be back as the manager of Team Canada in the future, but don’t put this on him.” Whose opinion you going to go with??? I thought so. Is it true that the game only drew 12,000 fans Monday night to the TED??? If so, paint me stunned. I wonder if game 2 of the regular season of the TBJ will see a similar drop in attendance. One last thing on Wilner, I may not be a big fan, but I give him credit, he responds to most comments on his blog. That shows class and professionalism. People take time to comment and does the same by responding. Good on you Mike.

Ummmm, not that anyone appears to care, but the Raptors are currently the 4th worst team in the league. You read that right. 4th from the bottom! They have lost 6 in a row and are a very respectable 2-8 in their last 10. Raptor fan, whomever and wherever you are, I feel for you. A bad team, with what looks like no reason for hope… Someone smarter then me tell me if the current coach gets extended. With the team this bad, are they going to sell any season tickets next year? The Detroit Pistons announced a 10 % reduction on tickets for next year…hint hint….. No back to your regularly scheduled programming.

More tomorrow when I land back in Toronto.

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