MLSE Not Happy, Wilson Not Going Off The Record?

Happy sunday eve all. Still recovering from a little bit of jetlag today. Reliable sources are telling TSM that that little pathetic blog that Sean Mccormick posted about Ron Wilson and not caring a Frogren about anything other then paying the bills has not gone over well at the MLSE offices. Keep in mind that Sportsnet’ owners are shareholders in MLSE and while negativity is okay, this was out of line. I am told an on air apology may be forthcoming.

This is interesting in that the one common thing I have heard about MLSE team right holders is that they have always been left alone. That is, no team official has ever told a media outlet what to say or do. However, with Wilbur being a classic reminder, one can cross the line and feel the wrath.

In the same vein, another reliable (I love when Brooks says that) source tells me tonight that Ron Wilson (he who doesn’t pay attention to the media) is so put off that Howard Berger appeared on TSN’S OFF THE RECORD last week, that Ron has let it be known that he will never appear on that show again….

Keep an eye or ear on the next round of radio ratings here in town folks. The drumbeats are getting louder that with the economy spiriling out of control that changes are coming at both the Fan 590 and perhaps even 640 Toronto.

Fascinating to see Simmons stick up for Howard Berger in his piece today. Also he retracted his attack on MLSE for their apparent refusal to charge the WBC Canadian team for a box last Saturday night at the ACC. Word is Simmon’s got the story wrong and he made good today. Even still, given the performance of team Canada should anyone have thought of giving them a break on a box? I’m just saying.

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