Monday Night Sports Musings

So the Seattle Post Intelligencer has announced that it is moving from the traditional pint based paper to an entirely online version. That, in case you missed it, is big news. A major North American daily going online only signifies how deep the economy is getting hit and the newsroom in Seattle is losing about 80% of it’s staff (over a hundred down to about 20!). We here in town have 4 dailies, plus the 2 TTC rags. If, one of the dailies were to go print only, which major paper could you see making the move first? Which do you think would benefit from such a move and which would hurt the most? Personally, I think the Sun should make the move. They should use any and all savings realized in creating a website that is actually palatable and then hiring writers who can, um, write.

On the topic of the economy, one has to laugh at the NHL. They really do have their heads buried in the sand these days. The GM’s, governors, PA all meet in places of excess at the most inappropriate of times. It really shows fans how much you feel their pain while hanging out in Palm Springs, Naples or other lofty destinations. So, what does the league do? Moves the awards show to the king of glitz, Las Vegas. Let me make this clear, the NHL award show is Canadiana at it’s worst. Ron Maclean is not the least bit funny when hosting and does little to dispel any Bob and Doug Canadian stereotypes that may still linger. It’s bad enough that the playoffs go as late as they do. Now you are going to move an award show (do other leagues have shows????) to the freaking desert of Las Vegas? Which high priced hookers are going to be arm and arm with Ron and Don? Don’t get me wrong, I love Vegas, I just think this is the wrong place at the wrong time.

Gord Kirke was on PTS this eve. Kirke just returned from a trip to visit/entertain our troops over in Afghanistan. The folks at the Fan haven’t as yet put the audio up. It’s great listening, if you didn’t hear it. If someone has it I would be glad to post it.

Here we are on St. Patrick’s Day and can one remember a more meaningless time in a Maple Leaf season in recent memory. Today all the papers had stories on Grabovsky. It was like training camp all over again. With around 20 games left, we are going to start reading about pre-game meals, summer vacations and what the locker room attendants do while on road trips….

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