Dick Peddie Does Well On Fan 590

Richard Peddie was on the Fan today with the best local sports show on from 2-4pm. While the President of MLSE has always been one to put his foot right, smack in it, his interview today was good. Peddie said all the right things. He said that the the Leafs regretted having to raise ticket prices, that he wished they had done it last year instead, but it was a move they had to make. I know, it stinks. However, he faced the music and didn’t try to turn it in to something other then it is. He talked about TSN2 and the Raptors and said he wished it was done, it was up to Rogers and not MLSE, he is pretty sure it will be done for next year, and unfortunately not for this year. He was asked about the performance of his GM’s. On Burke he said he is very happy, it is still early, but he knows that they hired the right guy. On Colangelo he said he has full faith in BC. That BC has all options mapped out on a white board in his office, hopefully he will get lucky with the ping pong balls. Lastly he was asked about Chris Bosh. For the first time EVER Dick said that he wanted to leave player decisions to the GM’s. That, is the number one answer. He said that he likes CB4 but that he hopes BC and CB4 will make the right decision for both the team and CB4. That is exactly what a guy in Dick’s position should be saying. Here is hoping he has learned his lesson!

You can listen to the interview here

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March 17, 2009 9:25 pm

Was there video of the intereview? Are you sure it was Peddie?

March 17, 2009 10:03 pm

I dont buy it I dont believe anything he says, efing LIAR.

If Burke is the Pope and Schenn, the saviour, Peddie is the prince of darkness!

Mike S
Mike S
March 18, 2009 12:19 am

I don’t buy it when Peddie says that the Leafs are spending almost as much on salaries this year (including their revenue sharing payment) than they did before there was a salary cap…………..one of the reasons why Peddie felt the need to raise prices is because there will be no playoff revenue once again this year………….the last time the Leafs played a playoff game was in May of 2004

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