Phuck You Chipper Jones & Mayers Too

“We stayed in Toronto for a week and played three games. I don’t know if you ever stayed in Toronto, but it’s not exactly Las Vegas. To say that we were plucking our eyebrows out one at a time would be an understatement.”

And fuck you too Chipper. Here is hoping for some reason he has to come back. Please let him come back. Funny how other athletes come here and don’t seem to complain. Not enough hot spots for ya Chipper like there are in Atlanta?? Downtown Atlanta is a real thriller. Here’s hoping Bobby Cox gets to him and talks some sense into him before he opens his trap again. Somewhere I bet JP is laughing or cheering him on.

Meanwhile, get a load of the video of the Grabovsky/Blake affair. What the hell is Jamal Mayers doing? Who does this clown think he is? He shows more toughness in this clip then he has in every maple leaf game this season. Please let the Mayers trial end soon. Brian, waive him today if at all possible.

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