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Happy St. Pat’s day all!

“I don’t know what he’s doing,” Blake said. “Here I am, a 10-year vet … I just don’t know what he’s trying to do.”

Ummmm Jason, he is trying to work his ass off and impress his coaches. Please don’t try to tell me that you expect respect given your 10 years in the league??? If a younger guy is working hard in practice, good on him. Hell encourage him!

Our Pal Lyle Richardson over at Spector’s Blog has a list of potential RFA’s for the upcoming season. He is right, with the economy and the cap both in the shitter, it should be interesting to watch. In any event, here is a link to the list, some interesting names for sure.

“This year’s been a tough year personally,But all you can do is work every day; just come to the rink and try to have each day get better.”

That from Darcy Tucker talking to Adrian Dater in the Denver Post. Does that sound familiar??? I mean, haven’t we heard this tune before?

“”I’m not the type of guy who gets those things and tries to make excuses out of them,” Tucker said. “It’s part of playing hockey, and you’ve got to battle through them. And I haven’t done a good enough job of doing that.”

Didn’t Tucker say very similar things to the Toronto press recently about the decline of his play? While admirable that he doesn’t hide and fesses up, it seems that the song is getting old. Perhaps so too is Darcy.

You can read the rest of AD here

I loved Mike Hogan asking people to call in and tell the greatest sports drinking events…The Grey Cup???? Are you kidding me??????? The Grey Cup!!! Listen, it’s one thing to be a CFL slappy (it’s fine, I actually can respect it), but don’t try to put it on that stage. More drinking goes on in the parking lot of each and every home Redskins, Bills, Cowboys, Browns, Dolphins, Broncos game then in any Grey Cup. I am not bashing the CFL nor the Grey Cup here at all. Just the guy who seems to think it is a world class event.

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