Has Doug MacLean Lost His Mind?

There are rumblings out there that Richie Rich has lost his marbles. I didn’t hear it myself, but lots of folks are telling me that he went on the air today and said that the Buds are screwed because of what their cap hit is going to be in 2010 especially with the cap going down. I will say it again. I didn’t hear it. So if someone can either confirm or deny that would be great. However, in looking at the cap numbers on Hanky’s site, something tells me that MacLean, I mean Richie has been dipping into the wackie weed a little bit. Here is the Eastern Conference salary numbers according to Hanky’s site:


Buds – 18.750
Boston 26
Buffalo 32
Florida 33
Atlanta 14
Carolina 27
Montreal 18
Nj 33
Nyi 24
Rangers 36
Sens 30
Flyers 42
Pitt 37
Tampa 31
Washington 29

Ummm, how exactly are the screwed at that number? That is 5 guys signed at 18m. That also assumes all those guys are still here. I wouldn’t bet on Kubina, Blake and Hagman all being around come this time next year let alone training camp the year after.

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