Was Dante’ Stallworth Drunk When He Killed A Pedestrian?

Oooops. You know what ol’ TSM says, there is no dumber animal on this planet then the professional (or Olympic) athlete. Perhaps we can add Dante’ Stallworth (Cleveland Browns) to the list. You see Stallworth fatally struck a pedestrian with his Bentley in Miami Beach last week. Now reports are surfacing that Donte’ blew a .12 when the legal limit was .08. The victim, 59, was trying to get home around 7 a.m when Stallworth’s Bentley killed him. Imagine if the allegations are true, driving drunk around 7am! Florida does still have capital punishment. I can’t imagine what battles lay ahead for Mr. Stallworth if these allegations are true. They are much less then those of his victim, a crane operator. What a waste.

You can read more from the Miami Herald here (and watch a video of Stallworth being interrogated by the cops on the scene)

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