Bikini OTD Cox Is Right

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“In four months, both brothers may be available as 28-year-old unrestricted free agents, two point-a-game players that could instantly take the Leafs from also-ran status to that of a playoff team.At that point, few would blame the Leafs if they said, “Screw patience and the five-year plan. Let’s get better now.” Each currently makes $3.75 million (all figures U.S.) under deals signed in 2006 by former Vancouver GM Dave Nonis, now Burke’s right-hand man in Toronto. Each twin reportedly wants $7 million. And that’s where the Leafs’ interest tails off.”

That’s right. A little common sense may finally have arrived in the GM’s office at the ACC. In years past one could assume that the buds would way overpay for players like the Sedins. The Leafs have become notorious for overpaying free agents. I think Cox is bang on in his assessment of the Burke plan. He won’t overpay for anyone, at least not yet. There is no reason to.

“The guess is they only land in Toronto at Burke’s price, not as beneficiaries of a wild bidding war.”

Not that I don’t like the brothers. I just don’t want to overpay for them at this point.

Enjoy the game tonight.

Anyone else going to the game vs. the Caps? If so happy to meet up for a pop before or after.

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