Jeremy Roenick On Oveckin and Crosby Must Listen

Happy Saturday afternoon all.  Anyone happened to catch Jeremy Roenick on with Greg Brady and Bill Watters  yesterday? Not only was JR terrific, I give a ton of credit to Bill Watters to.  Watters is old school.  He is a traditionalist.    At least he is honest about it.  He went on a rant before Roenick came on the air and even after hearing Roenick defend Ovechkin, Watters didn’t turtle.  That says a lot in my books.

Here is a recap of the interview:

The guys asked JR what he thought about Alexander Ovechkin and the celebration:

“I love Ovechkin, what he does on the ice is great for the game, who cares, he is hot, he lets everyone know he knows he is hot.  Anyone else on the other teams score 50 goals? When they do they can do the same thing. He is the most fun to watch.  We need guys with some personality. We need people who aren’t afraid to rock the boat.”

When he was asked if he disagreed with Bill Watters opinion that Ovechkin was disrespecting the game, Roenick said that he wasn’t going to criticize Watters for his opinion, but that is the reason hockey has boring interviews, vanillas characters etc.  The league needs guys who aren’t afraid to push the envelope. If that type of character isn’t allowed then how dull is the NHL going to become?  The mentaility is already there in the NHL, isn’t it time to do something a little bit fun, a little bit creative.    We can’t all be robots and cliches.

Brady then asked if Sidney Corsby needs to be more exciting. Jr said absolutely, he is as boring to listen to as possible.  As much as he is amazing, as he has taken the league and his team by storm he doesn’t say what he feels, he doesn’t go out on a limb.  He’s too quiet and he’s too hum drumb, he is too cliched, he absolutely needs to be more exciting.  I love the kid as a hockey player but I think he can do more and would be more spectacular if he showed some personality.

Kudos to Wilbur, who said that he respects JR’s opinion, that he finds AO’s act to be disrespectful and not entertaining and he wonders if he has missed the generational gap.  JR said that AO is entertaining, that this is what sports is, it’s entertainment.  We have media people who write about us every day, do you think they just want to write about us scoring goals.  They want stuff they can write about.  What’s great about Ovechkin is that you are going to go after him, and he is going to come right back at you.  He is a real hockey player, he will drop his gloves and fight.  That is what I love about the kid.

You can listen to the audio here.  It’s as good an interview as the guys on the Watters show have ever done.  This was as much about the guest as it was the hosts.  I totally agree with what Roencik said.  The game has changed.  The times have changed.  We live in a different era.  Sports is supposed to be entertaining.  I don’t want to hear the  Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh answers to every question.  I don’t want cliches.  I want something different.  I want to really know what a guy is thinking.  I want emtion, charisma etc.  I don’t need a team of drones.  I don’t understand why being a good Canadian kid means you can’t be colorful.  Roenick mentioned Theo Fluery scoring a goal a while back and sliding down the ice on his knees.  Roenick said that if the Lightning were disrespected then why didnt one of them go after Alexander Ovechkin?  I will say it again.  If you want to raise the popularity on the NHL give every team a guy who plays the game like Ovechkin does and has the same personality triats.  The game desperately needs characters like this.  Good on JR for backing it up.


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