Bikini OTD Sunday Sports Review- Burns, Ovechkin & Poddubny

Here’s your bikini of the day for the day after the deadline from

Happy Sunday all.

Today’s quotes of the day belong to Steve Simmons:

“What a bunch of boring conformists around the NHL. Trying to put the lid on Alexander Ovechkin, the most entertaining player the league has seen in decades … And yeah, I really care what Rick Tocchet, the former bookmaker, thinks of Ovechkin showing people up. Like his values make him a quality judge. Hate to take this stuff personally but Chipper Jones, who grew up in Pierson, Fla., population 2,606, which calls itself the Fern Capital of the World, where 33.6% of the people live below the poverty line, doesn’t care much for Toronto. This genius, who lives in Atlanta, just about the worst major city in America, where no one lives downtown except the homeless, found himself bored during his World Baseball Classic visit to Toronto. At least he didn’t complain about there being too much curling on television”

Give the man a free bowl of soup. He is one hundred percent right on both accords. A random, unscientific poll around the locker room today had way more votes for Ovechkin compared to the anti-celebration camp. Times they are a changing. It’s high time the NHL catches up and stars embracing those who can really help it shine. As for Chipper, he’s an asshole if ever there was one. Can’t wait till he has to come up this way again.

Growing up a Maple Leafs fan in the late 70’s and 80’s there were 3 or 4 guys who I remember really liking. Bill, “Blinky” Derlago was one, Rocky Saganiuk was two, Laurie Boschman was three and Walt Poddubny was four. How sad that Poddubny passed away at only 47 years old. Amazing that the guy played in 438 NHL games and more amazing that he scored 38 goals three times in his career as part of achieving 422 points. Call me crazy, but there has to be more to this story that is being reported. One can’t help but wonder what he was doing living with his sister. The guy made fairly decent bucks over those roughly 6 years in the NHL. Also, for the most part guys don’t drop dead at such a young age anymore. Whatever the reason, I fondly remember watching #8 in blue and white, hope he and the fellas score a few more in the big rink in the sky.

I saw the new Julia Roberts movie Duplicity last night. One word… Don’t!

Here is a video you have to watch. Pat Burns was featured on HNIC last night. It is a great watch and I highly recommend it!

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