Will You Be Going To The NHL Award Show?

Since I saw the post on Kuklas Korner I haven’t stopped laughing. The NHL, the league that appears to be in complete denial about the current state of the economy decided to move it’s award show to Sin City, the city that spells excess, Las Vegas. Of course the fans of the NHL’s Las Vegas _____________ will really enjoy the show. Oh wait, you want to go to the show? So besides the airfare, the hotel and all that comes with traveling to the show (which has always been here in Toronto), you will have to fork over $500 US for a ticket. What is this the Superbowl of award shows? $500 for the freaking NHL award show??? How nuts is that? $616 Cdn. dollars for the NHL award show. Is the league trying to pay off all debts in fail swoop? Conversely, is it going to either be an empty show (oh wait, Doug Maclean will be there) or the entire house will be papered. Can someone who is smarter then me please explain how this is good for the league?

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March 23, 2009 8:31 pm

Maybe they should play some Leafs home games in Vegas too….$1,500 per seat…If you buy a ticket, maybe you’ll get a chance to drive the zamboni after the 1st period?

Got to go, need to send my resume into NHL head office….I’ve obviously got some great ideas that align with their brilliant strategy.

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