A Beat Writer Who Is Embarassed ?

Forgot to look this up yesterday, however Greg Brady mentioned this story yesterday so I thought I would mention it here. This is great stuff. I love the media getting raked over it by the media:

“I don’t like sports—I am embarrassed that I cover them,” Chico Harlan says. “I can’t wait to stop. It is a means to an end and a paycheck.”

No seriously, that isn’t written about Howard Berger. This guy Chico Harlan actually said that to a reported at the Washington magazine (DC’s version of Toronto Life). Chico is a beat reporter for the Washington Nationals.:

“My approach might drive hard-core fans crazy because I might not get inside for that nitty-gritty play-by-play,” he says. “The passion I can drum up is wanting to capture what is unique about each game. I am interested in the characters more than anything.”

Harlan on Adam Dunn, the Nats’ new slugger: “He’s very Will Ferrell-ish in his humor. He has that half-amused smile on that big body and that curly hair. It’s hard not to look at that guy and laugh.”

Now isn’t that what JP said about Dunn?

You can read the entire story here. I will say this, give the guy credit for being honest. I think the problem is that many out there would kill to cover a team they love every day, here is a guy who is doing it because it pays the bills. Ouch.

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