Can Chris Bosh’s Boys Swim?

Something tells me this was not the reaction Chris Bosh had in November when he heard the news that he was a poppa:

You know what I always tell you folks… There is no dumber animal on this planet then the professional (or olympic athlete). Well, can we add CB4’s name to the list? Mr. Bosh has been named in a lawsuit alleging that he is a deadbeat dad:

“The court documents, filed in Maryland on behalf of Bosh’s former live-in girlfriend, Allison Mathis, who is seeking child support and sole custody, allege that in early 2008 Mathis and Bosh planned to get married. According to the filings, whose allegations have been denied by Bosh, they made a consensual decision to have a child together and Bosh, who is earning a salary of $14.4 million (U.S.) this season, paid for a fertility drug to hasten the process.”

If this is true, this can’t help his public persona. Having said that very little seems to stick to either Bosh or the team he plays for, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

“The complaint, which contains allegations that have not been proven in court, says Bosh contested his paternity before genetic testing determined a 99.97 per cent probability that he is Trinity’s father. Bosh, who turns 25 today, did not return a request for comment yesterday. Said Vincent Wills, Bosh’s Maryland-based attorney: “Obviously Chris denies all the allegations in the complaint. We’re going to be filing our response to the filing within the next week or so.”

“Obviously” How great is that? Obviously Chris is denying this or how else could I justify my fees, is more like it. If a paternity test was done and the results were as stated it will be extremely difficult for Mr. Bosh to avoid some sort of compensation.

Take a look at this awesome clip for more information:accident

IF true, he is one classy guy eh?

Read the rest of the story in the today’s Toronto Star here.

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