Cujo’s Night Vs. The Caps

Wow- what a change in events the last 5 minutes can make. The first 55 were BRUTAL. It was like a morgue in the ACC. Neither team looked like they wanted to be there. The highlight of the game was a fan answering a trivia question correctly earning all in attendance a free Big Mac tomorrow (seriously, it was the talk of the 2nd intermission). Then the Buds scored to go up 2-1 and all hell broke loose (not lose!). The Caps scored a late goal Gerber went nuts, iced the puck long after the whistle and got tossed. Enter Curtis Joseph who had been sitting on the bench suffering through the same brutal display of hockey the rest of us had been watching. Ovechkin, Semin and Green peppered Cujo with point blank shots and the Buds got a late penalty as well that they had to kill. After each save the place went nuts, with louder cheers of CUJO CUJO ringing down on the veteran goalie. Brad May nearly lept off the bench with excitement after each save and was standing when Cujo game to the bench after time expired in the 3rd period. Cujo stood on his head for the OT as well and held the Caps goalless in the shootout as well.

Besides the Big Mac promotion, major kudos to both the Leafs, Capitals and the fans who gave a teary eyed Canadian Soldier the standing ovation he deserved when recognized by Andy Frost on the PA. It was quite amazing to see the entire Leaf bench shoot up and start slamming their sticks in addition to the Capitals players too. The fans cheered on the guy as he sat, in uniform with this significant other in what looked like disbelief at the tribute. The ovation lasted over a minute for the decorated soldier who just returned from his 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan. The hell with cheering Mats Sundin. Toronto (players and fans) you did right tonight!

Of course the debate will rage tomorrow about Curtis Joseph and his future with the Leafs and in the league. While I would be stunned if he were to return as a player, I would be more stunned if he played elsewhere. If this is goodbye, what a great way to go out. His entire team mobbing him, the place chanting his name and earning the first star. Cujo, for a man who played less then 8 minutes, this was your night, you earned it.

Here are some photos from in-between OT and the shootout:

Here is the video of Alexander Ovechkin’s shootout attempt on Cujo:

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March 24, 2009 10:44 pm

Between the fact that Cujo had to come in stone cold, the penalty in OT, and the fact they were going into the shootout vs 3 of the most dangerous guys in the league I thought the buds were done for sure. Really happy to see Cujo pull it out. He deserved it.

March 25, 2009 6:07 am

I’m off the roller coaster.CUJO is finally playing up to the level(for a few games) that was expected of him and he’s now the greatest thing since the invention of the auto suck……..let him retire on a high note, he does deserve it. I’m so tired of the extreme highs and lows of being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. Again we’ll be drafting in no mans land,I guess we should become content with the little things.

March 25, 2009 6:19 am

Was at the game – a ton of fun watching vintage Cujo……With Gerber likely to get 3 games for shoving an official and Khabibulin out for the season, do the bring up Pogge or his back up and let Cujo play?

Anyone going to Buffalo Friday night? See ya at Anchor Bar!

March 25, 2009 6:38 am

wasn’t at the game but felt like i was there as i watched the last few minutes come to a close. almost brought a tear to my eye at the end watching the boys mob Cujo…reminded of better times for sure. all in all, sure another 2 points we don’t need but it was a great finish and again, love seing the boys smile and be happy for each other. too often we see the opposite and with all the negative crap we’re shovelled day in and out about them they should take some pride for hanging tough and winning in the shoot-out. how bout Hamilton with another no nonsense shoout-out goal, again eh? and i am just loving John Mitchell these days too. 🙂

March 25, 2009 9:22 am

All of a sudden Wilson doesn’t look so crazy for putting Joseph in net for the shootout at the start of the season.

Another thing I noticed at the game is that Stajan had some great defensive play. He stripped Ovechkin of the puck at least twice and save us from a goal by kicking a puck off the goal line.

And finally, don’t get me wrong on this since I love the guy, but isn’t Ovechkin kind of a selfish player. When he didn’t have the puck he didn’t seem to do much to help the team. He skated around trying to cherry pick goals and pretty much stood there when the puck was in his own end.

I also noticed he tried to get the crowd behind him when he went for the shootout. He did get a sizable cheer when he scored, but I’m glad the Cujo chants drowned him out on his final shot.

The Meatriarchy
March 25, 2009 12:15 pm

I was at the game as well and you pretty much summed it up. It was like death for the first two periods. But boy, what an ending!!

I yelled my self hoarse! One quibble – I thought the dancing girl contest to be mildly more interesting than the trivia contest.

Todd – you’re right about Stajan that was a good play. Also Stralman had a couple of good ones as well.

Question for those watching the game on TV. How loud did the crowd sound? Did it really translate well on TV?

Oh and kudos for the proper usage of loose!!! Awesome.

March 25, 2009 2:21 pm

Crowd was pretty sad for the first 59 minutes of the game, but the excitement was evident regarding Cujo’s performance. Nice to see for the old dog.

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