Is Ron Wilson Brian Burke’s Twin?

Get a load of these quotes from Ron Wilson. It’s hard to know where Brian Burke ends and Wilson starts. Not that this is a bad thing.

“What you want is a team that plays hard, that never quits, a strong fore-checking team,” Wilson said yesterday. “That’s the vision. But who’s going to be part of the vision? … I have no idea.”

“”Burkie and I want a big, aggressive, fast team,” Wilson said. “And that’s the team that we’re not right now. We’re not a big team.

“Those are the areas that we have to address in the future, to make ourselves bigger … more of a Western Conference-type team. Big and fast, obviously with some skills.”

“”I won’t use — what are Burkie’s words — truculent, belligerent? All of those words that he picked up at Harvard law [school], not at Providence College,” Wilson said.”

“We want a team that tries to score every shift,” he said. “Plus, any team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup has to have great goaltending.”

These from David Shoalts‘ column this evening. I have said on a few occasions that I think Wilson runs the risk of having his act wear thin sooner rather then later if he can’t praise his players a little bit more and take his foot off their asses a bit. Having said that you can see how in step he is with Burke and just how much he gets it. Hard to disagree with much that is there, and I love the Harvard Law School humour.

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