Does Anyone At The Fan 590 Do Prep Work?

Howie doesn’t watch hockey. Despite covering the most over analyzed team in the league the number one beat guy doesn’t watch other team in the league. His bosses seem okay with that. Now this morning Mike Toth, who co-hosts the Bullpen on the Fan590 usually between 11-12 (Mike Hogan flies solo from 10-11), who himself is flying solo this am admitted to having a routine. Funny how all us non-athletes emulate those we idolize eh! Toth, says he has a routine..every day he goes and has lunch somewhere after his show, and he reads the sports sections..See, that is good stuff. Only one problem. HE GOES ON THE RADIO BEFORE HE HAS LUNCH!!! No, really, it’s one thing to actually not do any preperation work at all. It’s another TO ADMIT IT!!! I work in an office. Some would say I am relied upon for my opinions. Can you imagine if I did my prep work for the upcoming day AFTER THE DAY WAS DONE??!! What the hell kind of work ethic is that??? Can’t you see the discussion. TSM, we need you to sit in a meeting from 10-12 today. The meeting takes place. After it, my boss says to me, ummmm, that didn’t go so hot, can we talk about it? My response… I am sorry, I am going to grab a bite and prepare for the meeting! Uh-huh, that would last long! For Toth (I can’t even call him Roscoe any more, it’s an insult to Roscoe) it’s even worse when he admits it on a Friday. Reading the papers at Friday lunchtime isn’t going to help him much when his show is on Monday! Especially when he has been in a cold OHL arena eating as many hot dogs as he claims he eats at each game!

Toth, opened his show, as he likes to do with a personal anecdote. It’s actually a good thing usually until he makes that illegal left turn and ends up somewhere completely unrelated to the story itself. Today, he did about 20 minutes about male friendship and how he feels bad that he lost touch with all his 11 year old buddies he played ball hockey with. Oh wait, it gets better fellow fans. Toth then went on to explain how his best friend was killed in an electrocution accident after high school. Sad story right? Well two things come to mind. Um, one…It’s kind of hard to stay in touch with old friends when one of them is dead! Secondly, Toth admitted to not even going to the funeral! Well, I don’t know about you but my respect level for the guy just dropped about 50 notches. Remember, this is the guy who slams people for getting into the World Junior Championships when they don’t go to OHL games. How dare you watch the Superbowl when you don’t go to an NFL Game. You can’t watch the academy awards if you don’t go to the movies!

There has to be better right? This is a pretty decent sized market. Someone, anyone, please tell me that I am not alone in thinking we deserve better.

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