Bikini OTD Saturday Sports Shorts

Here’s your bikini of the day for the day after the deadline from

Gomer Toth was on Sportnet’s Connected last night (and this am a few million times) when he uttered the following:

“Alexander Ovechkin’s Capitals hosted the Tampa Lightning for the first time since Ovechkin’s WORST CELEBRATION IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS……”

What an idiot.

Do you get the feeling the press just loves that Cujo had a bad outing last night? Ok, not the press, maybe just the headline writers.

Is it just me or are you finding it hard to watch the Leaf games now. I am totally not interested. Call be a rainy day fan, or whatever you want, but there really isn’t much of a compelling story at this point.

Have a good Saturday, going to take the kids to see Monsters and Aliens


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