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Happy Sunday to all. So for those with little ones (or younger ones) I highly recommend Monsters Vs. Aliens. It’s good fun. I also suggested you dig dip and go for the IMAX 3-D version. Little TSM was howling through the whole thing, in large part because he was certain shit was going to fall on to him throughout the whole movie. $13.95 (less the 10% from the scene card of course) is steep, but it’s all good.

I hear I missed a real barn burner last night. In case you haven’t noticed, the sharks are circling Justin Pogge. If the usual suspects have it their way he had better get used to saying “you want fries with that” or better yet, make room for him in the broadcast booth. I think Burke is in a lose (not loose) lose situation here. He is still is pretty young. If they give up on him now and he turns his career around…. On the other hand, if they stick with him and he continues on his current track… Personally, I think Burke owes it to the franchise to get his own people to work with the kid. This isn’t a knock on the Marlies coach or Corey Hirsch whom Cliffy hired to mentor him. However, neither are Burke’s guys and I think before you cut Pogge loose (not lose) you make the right evaluation. None of this reflects very well on a certain ex-general manager who can’t confirm nor deny if he wanted to keep Poggee or Raask. Speaking of whom, did you all catch the video of the ex-Leaf goalie prospect going ape the other night? If not, I will try to track it down and post it.

Quote of the day:

Curt Schilling announced his retirement in his blog on his own Website, not long after Charlie Villanueva was caught on Twitter with his thoughts during a game. How long before all athletes stop talking to the media and make all their pronouncements on their own forums?”

That from Steve Simmons. Although never wise to answer a question with a question, but Steve, can you blame them? and, Would that be such a bad thing? Wonder what Bruce Arthur had to say about this?

Interesting read today from Larry Brooks. The discussion is Matt Gilroy the Boston University senior defensemen who will be open for bidding when the Terriers are out of the NCAA hockey tourney. Gilroy is 24 and has been scouted by, according to Brooks at least 24 NHL teams, including, your Toronto Maple Leafs. Gilroy is one of those college players who is not subject to the entry level cap because his draft eligibility was set prior to the implementation of the rookie cap. Therefore, Gilroy is really available to the highest bidder. Of course the question is, how high will someone be willing to go for a 24 year old NHL unproven player in a cap era? It’s not like he will have to accept a 2-way deal, so whatever teams offer him will almost certainly count against the cap. As Brooks notes, they number of teams who will be able to enter the derby probably will be smaller simply because of current teams cap predicaments. The Rangers for example aren’t likely be able to keep up with other potential big spenders. With the cap expected to hold steady this year but nose dive by about 5m in 2010-11 teams are going to have to be very careful.

“We like him a great deal,” one general manager of an interested team with needs on the blue line told Slap Shots, “but we’re not going to break the bank for him.”

Name the player one would really “break the bank” for these days. NHL GM’s come players who are available for money only, show little restraint. So, while Gilroy may say it isn’t all about money, this may the one time in his life it not only should be all about the money but it may be all about the money too.

“The Maple Leafs, who have scads of cap space and few impressive players within the organization on whom to spend it, are expected to be very, very aggressive.”

I don’t disagree with that. Burke spends quite a bit of time in Boston and has said that US college players will be a big part of the Burke plan. Again, however, how high will Burke go. If another GM starts to get into stupid money, will Burke follow?

“Gilroy’s ultimate price will be determined by individual team need, cap space and budget. All of which combines to make Brian Burke’s Maple Leafs one of the front-runners even before the horses are loaded into the gate, and isn’t it serendipitous that the kid is said to be a fan steeped in the tradition of the Original Six?”

All sounds good to me. However, should a team, say the Wild offer up big bucks (and no, that isn’t a rumour, just a random non-original six team), I can’t see Gilroy giving up the money. Hey, if he was your kid, would you tell him to do otherwise?

Still with Brooks, he is suggesting that Russian born NHL players may boycott the NHL should the league not participate in the 2014 winter Olympics to be held in Sochi Russia:

“If the NHL does not participate in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, how many Russian players do you think will either enter into NHL contracts that end following the 2012-13 season? And how many others will simply stay home and refuse to play in the NHL in 20013-14 so that they can participate in their homeland?”

I just don’t see this happening. I understand national pride and all. However, how did that whole KHL thing go over? Can you really see guys giving up their dream to play in the NHL over the Olympics. I am not belittling the Olympics or national pride. I just don’t see any of this happening.

You can read the rest of Brooks here

So, as the economy continues to tank, the worse things will get in those US cities that are home to NHL cities and a result the NHLPA will essentially force the league to move teams to Canada. That, is simple terms is what Stephen Brunt’s article in Saturday’s Globe and Mail suggests. The players, you see are going to be giving back roughly 280 million to the owners at seasons end and while that is the way the current CBA was designed to work, the players who see empty buildings in the southern USA aren’t going to stand for the status quo. I, once again am not buying it. First and foremost, have you started to look around this city. Economically speaking, things aren’t great here. In my part of the town, too many for rent signs are appearing in building that used to be the homes to stores and restaurants. While we may not have reached the same levels as our neighbors to the south, there is no reason, as of yet anyway, to think we are either immune from it, or out of it yet. While the Canadian teams have been successful of late there is no real reason to think that the trend will continue. It is one thing here in Toronto. It is another in other markets. So far we are only talking about existing markets. Moving a current US based team to Canada won’t be that easy. There just aren’t that many markets with buildings ready to host a team. in addition to the building you need the business community to buy the suites and major corporations to spend the money on marketing and sponsorships. I am not going to waste time talking about Hamilton or Waterloo. One thing about MLSE, they would fight any such move till the end and the end could be years away.

I know Brunt wasn’t really suggesting that Canada’s hope for more teams could be realized sooner as a result of the shitty US economy is a good thing. I see rationale. I see how connecting dots gets you there. I just don’t see this happening any time soon. You can read Brunt here.

Pathetic has a new definition, and not it isn’t a Howard Berger Blog. It’s a Mike Toth one

Ummmm, did the Sun’s Steve Buffery pull a Mitch Albom and write a report of a game that he didn’t actually attend?:

“Boston goaltender Tim Thomas made 33 saves on 38 shots in a game that was physical and chippy, featuring a pair of fights and numerous scrums. ”

Not sure if Buffery was in the house or not, but the pride of UVM was on the bench last night, while Manny Fernandez bested Justin Pogge’s crew…

Enjoy the Sunday night TSM

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