Give Cox Some Credit

I know some folks weren’t happy with his article yesterday on Pogge.  To be honest, I didn’t think it was that bad.  The real onus is on Pogge to perform.  The reality is, at least in my mind, Brian Burke has no choice but to keep the guy around.  He is too young to give up on.  Does that mean he should keep getting nhl bites?  I am not convinced that giving undeserving youth added shots is a good idea, but hey I am neither the GM nor the coach.  Cox’s column was better then a certain beat writer who doesn’t watch hockey, I can tell you that.  His post was pointless.

I give Cox credit though for his post today.  I haven’t seen anyone else make much, if any sense out of the whole fake twitter accounts and Cox does a good job admitting what he doesn’t know, not looking like an ass in doing so and getting a great quote from the real Brian Burke:  “”But there has to be a degree of responsibility on the Internet. If someone’s going to try and impersonate Brian Burke, I’m going to sue his ass.”

I also liked Damien approach with Don Depends, I mean Cherry. Damien took it on the chin a little bit from Grapes on Saturday night, and was man enough to put it on his blog and come back a retort I can actually respect:

“All I can say is I haven’t made a dime off pushing the notion that fighting has no place in hockey. Wonder how much he’s made off the Rock ‘Em, Sock “Em hockey video collection? And given that most hockey fans apparently want fighting in the game still, doesn’t that make him by definition a purveyor of political correctness?”

It’s a good point and one that isn’t made enough.  Funny how Grapes attempts to be the good spokesman, talking to the kids all the time, yet he is the one who is selling all the videos.  The most vocal opponent to any sanctioning of fighting in hockey is the one guy who would seem to lose (not loose) the most.  It’s a good point Damien.  I really hadn’t thought of it before.

In case you missed Depends Corner here it is:

Damien’s blog can be found here

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