Could Ian White Win An NHL Award?

If there is one story worth telling as it pertains to this years edition of the Toronto Maple Leafs, its the rise of Ian White. White, who was not good enough to start for a LONG time at the start of the season persevered and put together a very nice season for himself. That hard work and dedication has been recognized and rewarded by the Toronto chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association as White has been nominated for the Bill Masterton Trophy. The honor is a result of the recognition of White’s “perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication.”

This is great for the Mustache sporting porn star who plays for the Maple Leafs. From all account he has worked his behind off to remain with the team and become a steady contributor to the blueline. Is White a top 2 defencemen? No, he is not. What he is, is a reliable top 6 defenseman who won’t really embarrass his teammates or make too many boneheaded errors. I certainly can’t think of a guy on the roster who deserves this honor more the White. Congrats and good job!.

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