What Do Marty York & Mats Sundin Have In Common?

As reported here first last week, Marty York has agreed to join the folks over at 24 hours newspapers. No, that has nothing to do with Mats Sundin. Marty’s gig with 24 (perhaps we should call him Jack Bauer) will not only include his traditional sports coverage for the Canadian online and print editions of 24, Marty will also be writing a column on poker! Yes sir folks, Marty is the new media spokesman for Pokerstars! Not only will Marty be covering poker for 24 hours but also on television here in Canada. Of course, what’s a gig without some junkets right? Marty will represent PokerStars and 24 hours at events throughout the world, starting with the European poker championships in Monte Carlo in late April.
Near the end of every month, he’ll also be online at www.PokerStars.net where the general public can play against for great prizes.

Say what you want, Marty is a survivor and this is a great gig for him. We will be sure to keep our eyes on 24 hours to see what Jack, I mean Marty is up to.

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