Did Cliff Fletcher Cost The Maple Leafs A Draft Pick?

Ouch…The NHL has just sanctioned the Toronto Maple Leafs for circumventing the CBA. Recall last summer the Frogren signing was delayed. Well the hold up was because Frogren was under contract to his team in Sweden, Farjestad. Apparently Frogren used $400,000 of his signing bonus to buy his ticket out. That is against the CBA, and apparently Cliffy knew about it at the time. Therefore the Leafs are out $500,000 and a 4th round draft pick! I don’t want to make mountains out of molehills but this sucks. No, Frogren isn’t worth it, for those who say he is. Cliff had to know better and should have known better. I suspect the knives, especially Damien’s will be out in full force on this one!

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