Dante Stallworth Allegedly Drunk When Killed Pedestrian

As reported here and a few million other places, Cleveland Brown football player, Dante Stallworth killed a pedestrian early (around 7am) while driving his Bentley.  Allegedly Stallworth admited to be out partying the night before in South Beach but said he hadn’t had a drink for several hours.  Well, Stallworth is going to be wearing a lot more orange in days coming if allegations are true.  The prosecutor in Miami is about to charge him with DUI Manslaughter.  Stallworth allegedly blew a .12 BAC after the accident at roughly 7am!  I repeat, he blew a .12 at 7am.  The legal limit in Florida is .08.  Stallworth is supposed to be both charged today and surrendering today.  It shall be interesting to see how the NFL and the new regime in the NFLPA handle this.

You can read more from the Miami Herald.

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