Dreger Simplifies Frogren Mess

Not much commentary necessary here, the Buds fucked this one up…Plain and simple:

“The Jonas Frogren debacle isn’t as complicated as some are making it out to be. For starters, according to the National Hockey League, there was no arbitration in this case. The $500,000 fine and forfeiture of a fourth round draft pick was determined by the league based on the Leafs attempt to circumvent the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Frogren was not entitled to the $755,000 signing bonus he received. He wasn’t enitled to the signing bonus because this payment wasn’t permitted by the terms of the contract Toronto filed with the NHL. Frogren’s contract permitted payment once the contract was registered, however the contract was never registered, it was rejected because of his entry status at the time, but Toronto paid the signing bonus anyway, violating the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.”

What likely happened is that Cliff knew what he was doing, wanted the player and figured to hell with the consequences. Ooops.

“The two year contract Frogren agreed to last summer was grieved and wasn’t registered until the National Hockey League Players Association settled the grievance in November. Having to forfeit a fourth round pick is also considered by the Maple Leafs to be stiff punishment, although the NHL says the fact this pick was acquired through a trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning many have viewed as salary dump is purely coincidental.”

Sorry, I don’t buy the last part at all. I am convinced that the league was pissed at Burke for trading away cap space for draft picks like he did with Tampa. Rest assured, if Burke was able to get a 3rd rounder from Tampa, that is what the Frogren Fuck Up would have cost the Leafs. If Burke only got 5th rounder, that is what the penalty would have been.

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