Are The Maple Leafs On The Verge Of Signing Another College Player?

So Joe Niuewendyk is 2 for 2 on his shopping list. Joe Niuewendyk spent lots of time on college campuses this season looking to find gems. One has to think that the fact that Leafs have been successful with both players they wanted has a lot to do with Joe Niuewendyk. Word on the street is that by this time tomorrow he may be 3-3. There is a goalie who has Joe Niuewendyk’s eye is on Northeastern University goalie Brad Thiessen. TSM has learned that it’s down to 2 teams and one of them is the Leafs. Bob McKenzie has on his blog that Thiessen has paired his choice down to but a couple of teams, one of which is Toronto.

Interesting how at the end of the season where there really isn’t much to be high on, Burke and company have found a way to create some buzz. Good stuff.


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