Bruce Garrioch Is A Dipstick

Greg Brady’s portly buddy is up to his old tricks again…. Look what the moron wrote today:

“Toronto GM Brian Burke was pounding his chest after signing college UFAs Tyler Bozak (Denver) and Christian Hanson (Notre Dame). The Leafs might want to keep expectations low. On April 1, 2006, Burke signed Cornell G David McKee for Anaheim and gave him a huge signing bonus. He is currently with the Bakersfield Condors in the ECHL.”

Now, ask your self this, when did Burke pound his chest? Everything he said about these guys was that he wanted to sign 3-5 of them in hopes 1 would make it. He has said they were high on the players, but how well they did would be up to each player. He didn’t guarantee success. He said that he hated the fact that the Leafs were a viable option to the college players (because they could offer the players a good chance to crack the lineup unlike many other teams) and he hoped it was the last time this would happen. Even more so, Burke heaped praise on Joe Nieuwendyk for signing many of these players.

Bruce, there are lots of places you can take shots at the Leafs and Burke. Here’s an idea, try stick to reality, people may actually think you are credible unlike the heap of crap you usually write. How’s that Chris Pronger to Toronto rumour doing these days? You know the one you pounded your chest for breaking???? Yeah that one.

You can read more (if you so dare) of Bruce’s work here

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