Blue Jays Game Includes TFC Fans :)

So while the Jays were on their way to win #1 a funny thing happened. A soccer game broke out. Some drunk (why else would they do it), wait there was no booze at the TED, how where they drunk, fans apparently threw balls on the field. Another one mooned one of the Tigers (and was ejected). As a result, Jim Leyland (who may be older then God) yanked his players off the field until the Jays faithful (all 48k of them- no sellout) were warned to behave. So while many would rather be discussing the hitting clinic put on by the 6 RBI man, Adam Lind who went 4-5 with, again, count em 6 rbi’s. Instead, tomorrow the talk will all be about the “idiots” who disrupted the game.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be calmer. Anyone want to bet on the actual attendance (asses in seats) at tomorrow’s game?

Some interesting stuff from Jeff Blair’s column…

“This weekend, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman — who is well connected at the GM level — speculated that the Red Sox might be willing to take on the remaining $20-million (all currency U.S.) of Toronto closer B.J. Ryan’s salary in order to expedite the acquisition of Alex Rios, who has six years and $63.6-million left on his multiyear deal (not including a club option for 2015.)”

That’s quite an expedition! can you imagine the Jays shedding some $83 million from their payroll?? Wow.That would be a move that would get lots of attention.

“General manager J.P. Ricciardi’s eyes widened when asked about the report. “We haven’t talked to them [the Red Sox], about that,” Ricciardi said. “Honestly, I don’t think we’ll know a lot about what our payroll will be going forward until the end of the year. But I don’t see our ownership doing that [forcing a distress sale].”

Did anyone else forget that J.P. was still involved with the team. Talk about a guy who went from the being THE guy to becoming an after thought….

“The Blue Jays are going to be revenue-challenged this year, particularly if the team performs to its low level of expectations. They will be hurt by the Canadian dollar, and let’s be honest: with the Rogers Centre set to “celebrate” its 20th anniversary on June 5, we’ll all be spending an inordinate amount of time wondering how much life is left in it, especially with the Minnesota Twins moving from the Metrodome at the end of the year. This is going to be one long year of introspection.”

How much time is left in the TED???? Okay sports fans, lets ask ourselves this question. Who is going to pay for a new stadium in this city right now? Seriously! David Miller and The Dalton may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but there is no way they reach into their pockets as the governments have before. Rogers? I don’t see it. The Dome is 20 years old. I think the Jays have done a good job maintaining it. Last I was there it looked better then it did on opening night. It remains all that it was meant to be. As much as I think it would help the Jays to have a new stadium, I don’t see it happening anytime soon (an nfl team coming here being the lone exception).

“Attendance will go down, unless we’re a contending team in August or September, in which case we might be able to pull ourselves out,” Beeston said matter-of-factly, when asked about his expectations for the year. “That’s due to the challenges of the economy, the perception that we did not improve the team — which I don’t agree with … but if we play hard and are entertaining, I think we’ll bring the fans back. And if we contend … we can get big crowds here, again.”

That is a lot of “IF’s”. I would love to see the Jays in the hunt come August and September. I don’t see it happening but would love nothing more. I do agree that attendance will go down as a result of the economy and general apathy towards the team. I think the degree to which it spirals will be entirely dependent on how the team performs.

“It’s early, but here’s a prediction: the Blue Jays will make a significant, payroll-inspired move this year. And it won’t involve Halladay.”

I love the term “payroll-inspired move”. You mean salary dump? If the Jays are way out of it, who could blame them for cutting? Not I for sure. There is, in my opinion anyway nothing worse then over paid, underachieving sports teams. Team may as well cut where it can, save some coin and get younger talent where it can.

On to game 2…good luck boys.

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