Is Larry Brooks Bruce Garrioch’s Twin?

If not, they certainly do think alike. Get a load of this crap that Brooks spewed today:

“Excuse me, but Milan Lucic sticks out his leg and injures a defenseless Nik Antropov by going knee-on-knee midway through the second period on Saturday, and it’s Sean Avery who should be suspended for kind of stupidly using his stick to tap Tim Thomas on the back of his helmet during a TV timeout? The absence of context is the crux of the issue here, just as always. Headhunters such as Chris Pronger and Gary Roberts, who historically injure opponents, are routinely deified, notably by the sanctimonious brigade north of the border, but Avery, who has never hurt anyone but himself, must be banned for the good of the sport? Avery has been a better pure player this time around than he was in his first Broadway run, but he hasn’t had quite the same impact. That’s because he’s trying to figure out how far he can go without being hauled in for a strip-search.”

Right, Homer Brooks, it’s always only the Canadian media picking on Avery. There was no American outlet covering every other time Avery has gone cuckoo. The entire hockey media world is waiting for Avery to fall off the wagon, not just the folks up here. I can’t believe he actually thinks this is a Canadian media issue. The folks who do cover the sport up here have issues, I am the first to tell you that. Jumping on the Avery bandwagon isn’t one of them. This is one of his dumbest quotes ever. The rest of the piece isn’t bad. I find it odd that his self proclaimed savoir, Torts hasn’t been able to pull water from the stone just yet and it must be killing him to know end that Torts hasn’t been able to do the one thing he is apparently best at, pulling character from his players. Maybe, just maybe the problem was with the players and not the coach. Hmmmmm

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