Since When Did NHL=Poker

I have no problem with it, but what up with NHL getting into bed with a gambling company?

“”I am pleased to announce today that the NHL will team with and the NHL Players’ Association to present [the poker tournament] in connection with the 2009 NHL Awards. Las Vegas is an ideal showcase for outstanding talent from the entertainment world, and I think there is more than enough room on this grand stage for the best athletes in sports, as well.”

So, come out and see the best athletes in sports play poker? Huh? How does one plus one equal two here? I am not trying to be picky, and I don’t think, given the current climate it’s a bad idea, I just don’t get how you reach the conclusion.

“The League has not yet announced its broadcast partner for the “NHL Charity Shootout Presented by” event, which will include NHL stars, NHL alumni and celebrity guests. The format will be the popular No Limit Texas Hold’em familiar to television viewers.” Says the article on Again, I am not anti gambling, I would love to see a team in Vegas. I have been to hockey games in Las Vegas. I think them joining up with a gambling partner opens the door for them to be there. I just know that if I were there I would want to be a guest of Wayne Gretaky, Mrs. Wayne Gretzky or Rick Tocchet! Don’t forget sports fans tickets start at $504 USD..

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