Toth & Hogan Are Toast

We mock that which we don’t understand. Like or loathe modern technology, despite what my father-inlaw thinks, the internet is not a fad. For Mike Toth and Mike Hogan the world is passing you by.

Based on the ratings, no one listens, so maybe it doesn’t matter, but Nelson, if you want to know why the ratings suck, listen to today’s show and you will have the answer. Who could possibly be listening to the radio between 9-12? You have bums like me who are still in the morning commute because I had to drop the kids at school, you have people who drive for a living, you have people who don’t work and are listening during those hours and then you have folks who can listen at work or school, whom the majority of which I bet are doing so on a computer. So what do these two moron’s do? They go out and bash bloggers and those who use twitter! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! How stupid is that?? It’s bad enough that not one interesting thing is ever said when these two guys are on but then to go out and shit on your intended audience????

As far as media sites go in this city, the Fan’s twitter account is one of the best managed. It is for the most part current and has some humor in it. Hogan called anyone who uses twitter a twit. How original. We mock that which we don’t understand. I know I have said this a million times but the handsdown winner of deadline day in terms of media was twitter. So mock all you like, but rest assured Mr. Hogan that there are people WAY smarter then you who spend a lot of time on twitter (and that doesn’t include me). That Obama guy is a real Twit eh Mike? Even if it really isn’t him, he is smart enough to know that he had to be there come election time. Maybe, just maybe if you were the least bit innovate you would have a ratings report that was worth more then toilet paper.

Then, Toth has the nerve to say that his blog is the exception to the rule because it is on a credible site. Are you kidding me???? There isn’t one thing credible about ANYTHING you say or do Toth. You, have the BALLS to go on the air, telling your audience that they have no right to be in love with the world hockey championship because they don’t support the junior teams like you do, but then you go on the air and ask Stan Butler (brampton gm) last week at the end of the interview if he could have two tickets put aside for the Sunday playoff game for you and your kid…..YOUR A FRAUD! A TOTAL AND COMPLETE FRAUD. You rip people for not going to the games that you ask teams for freebies for ON THE AIR???? Your so fucking lazy you can’t pick up the phone off the air and kiss ass to get free tickets? But your blog is different because you are on a credible site?? Are you nuts??

I have no problem with you not being on twitter. I have no problem with Hogan not having a blog. It shows your out of touch. It’s funny you both rely on the web to get information. Predictably Hogan went on for 17 minutes this am about the idiot fans at the Jays game last, saying how much research he did last night on what other stadiums websites say about throwing shit on the field. Newspapers are dying, the entire medium is about reaching out to the customers. Jeff Blair’s live blog from games is AMAZING. Damien’s blog kick’s Damien’s articles ass. Same with Richard Griffin’s. Lyle Richardson’s Spector’s blog is one of the best reads in hockey period! You don’t want to do it…fine. But take your head out of your ass before talking about shit you clearly can’t identify with. You just don’t get. Your ratings suck. They suck because you don’t get it. You shit on your intended audience and they aren’t going to listen to you. It can’t be that difficult. When you both get gonged and you will, eventually you may want to take a good long hard look in the mirror and think, huh, I wonder why people didn’t listen…Oh yeah, I know, cause I shit on my intended audience…


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