I would Rather Get Shot In Atlanta Than Live In Toronto.

Hey there sports fans. A happy, sunny Wednesday afternoon to you all. So, as you may know the good folks at rotorob and TSM have an arrangement wherein we exchange content. They write some stuff that they host and vise versa. Well, they took a liking to our post about Chipper Jones anti Toronto rant and it received a few remarks from some braves fans. Today however, it received a real gem. Get this:

“Sounds like you have a little unchecked agression with this Chipper deal. I am a braves fan, and I like Chipper. But guess what?

Chipper probably has a different idea of a good time compared to someone from Toronto. I doubt you guys have a Hooters that would rival any from his home state of Florida. The fact that he uses Las Vegas as an example of a place where he WOULD have fun should throw up a red flag or two. So give us a break from your pity party : ( and get over the fact that Chipper didn’t have fun in Toronto.

And even though I have no issues or opinions concerning your city, and I am sure I would enjoy visiting, I would rather get shot in Atlanta than live in Toronto.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. And I’m going to guess that you prolly haven’t been to Atlanta for any amount of time, because of your downtown/buckhead references, because the only people who go to buckhead now are douchebags and tourists. And downtown is fun but gangsta, so I doubt you have really hung out there either.”

God bless the good folks in Atlanta….

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