Brian Burke Sets His Eyes On The Monster, Jonas Gustavvson

The next big free agent isn’t a US college player, he is from Sweden. His name is Jonas Gustavvson.

No, not that Gustaffson. This one:

“NHL teams are lining up to woo goalkeeper Jonas Gustavsson of Farjestads who was the most dominant performer in the recent Swedish playoffs. Undrafted by the NHL, Gustavsson had five shutouts in 13 games. His nickname is “The Monster.”

That from Kevin Allen.

Talk about a position the buds need help!

According to the Dallas News, The Monster has reduced his suitors down to 2 teams, Toronto and Dallas:

“Gustavsson just won the Swedish Elite League championship with Farjetsad and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said he will move to the NHL next season, and the two team’s that he is considering are Toronto and Dallas. Aftonbladet said Toronto has the inside track, but the Stars are making a big push. He is 24 and listed at 6-3, 181. He led the Swedish Elite League in both GAA (1.96) and save percentage (.932) this season, finishing ahead of former Stars backup Johan Holmqvist (2.15, .917). He can only get an incentive-laden deal the way Brunnstrom did, but it will be interesting to see if the Stars can convince him that he has a good chance to play next season (because that seems to be pretty important to him).”

Ya think Burke would have a hard time telling him he would have a shot at playing next season?

The Dallas News translated the story from Sweden:

“KARLSTAD. The night celebrated Jonas “monster” Gustavsson its SM-gold with Färjestad.

Next season he played in the NHL.

Most likely the club address: Toronto.

– He can not get better than he is already here at home. Then it is right to go, “said goalkeeper coach Erik Granqvist.

Jonas is a unique situation.

Since he is not a draft, he can choose which club he wants to on the long list of NHL teams that expressed an interest.

But the choice is between two clubs.

– It’s Toronto and Dallas, which are clearly hottest, “says Erik Granqvist.
“Hirsch has called”

– It is important that he comes to a club where he may continue to develop their own style and not come to a goalie coach who wants to make of him. Moreover, it should be a team where he can be there fighting for the spot as first goalkeeper. In the case of Toronto have their goalie coach Corey Hirsch called me and he is completely on my line, says Erik Granqvist.

Is it right for Jonas to go?

– Yes, he is mature enough to fulfill his dream to play in the NHL.

Toronto current goalie coach Corey Hirsch is a familiar name in Sweden. Not that he played in both Timrå and Malmö, but because he ended up on a Swedish postage stamp after the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. It was Corey Hirsch was in Canada’s goal when Foppa was his famous strafff.
Dallas hot options

Jonas Gustavsson myself do not want to talk about the NHL.

Not yet.

– No, first to celebrate SM-gold in a few days. And in a week, I will sit down with my agent and talk through the options, “he says.

Even Dallas Stars are very hot on Gustavsson, when the club’s old sdtormålvakt Marty Turco will soon be ready for retirement.

Dallas Swedish scout Johan Garpenlöv have almost lived in Karlstad in recent days.

It is not a wage war with Jonas Gustavsson’s case. He may earn a maximum of 900 000 U.S. dollars in its first season in the NHL, when he counted as rookie.

After that year, he is free to negotiate the salary at any time, but is tied to the club he belongs to – so-called restricted free agent.”

Interesting that there is little on this in the Toronto press. Interesting to see where this goes and, how the usual suspects dump on this move should Burke land him.


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