Which Maple Leaf Player Will Be A Marlie Next Season?

Did anyone else hear Bill Watters last night? I was flipping back and forth on the drive home last night, McCown was talking Masters, an event like to watch on tv, at the end, but not listen to on the radio, so I turned into here what Wilbur and Brady were yapping about. There was a very funny dialogue about whether or not you would be “disappointed” if your child became a member of a college band (like the ones in the US that play at big sporting events) as opposed to being an athlete. I loved when one of the hosts asked a caller if his 4 year old had started to really enjoy doing one thing as opposed to another. That was a gem. I mean I have a 4 year old and she is TOTALLY focused on ONLY one thing, so I know that her life aspiration is to be Dorah the Explorer!

Anyways, the discussion did of course turn to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the end of the season and of course Wilbur started talking Tank Nation. For those who didn’t hear it, in essence what Wilbur said was that he really hopes the Leaf don’t finish 7th or 8th and then make another deal like they did to move up to get Schenn when they could be in that higher slot had they just learned to lose(not loose) a game at the opportune time. Now, there is nothing wrong with the comment except that Wilbur is an ex-executive. I really want to know what Bill Watters Assistant General Manager would say if Bob McCown or some other talk show host suggested that same thing to him while he was still employed? No really, it is so easy for him to sit on the sidelines and make cracks like that when he knows exactly what the answer is and why it can’t really happen. So while those of us out there who are willing to admit that we had hoped they would lose (not loose) a few more times this year are smart enough to know why they couldn’t really tank…why is Watters given such a free pass?

When Scott Morrison came on they started to talk about Burke was going to do in the next 5-6 months and it was generally agreed that some current players are going find themselves playing for the Marlies next year and that Burke has something up his sleeve with respect to the upcoming draft. The suggestion being that he will be able to trade cap space and cash for a higher pick. On the first question I ask you, Leaf Nation, if Burke were going to banish certain players to the Marlies next year whom do you want him to do it to and, whom do you think he will actually do it to?


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