Are Burke And Wilson Singing A New Tune?

Jeff Blair thinks the Jays need a new stadium. I have no problem with that. Just as long as Ted’s heirs pay for it. Still Blair’s piece is a good read:

“Look, I’m just throwing this out. I’d rather extend subway lines, get the sewage out of the house safely and keep swimming pools and libraries open. But the debate’s a-comin’, at a time when it appears we won’t be able to prevent the NFL from imposing the Buffalo Bills on us, and at a time when politicians are musing about grand schemes and shovels in the ground. Paul Godfrey, whom I like immensely but who was joined at the hip with the SkyDome, is no longer the Blue Jays president, so you wonder if Paul Beeston and The Guy Who Will Replace Him™ might not move the dossier forward?”

Hard to believe the Ted is 20 years old. Also hard to believe that 23 new parks have opened since…wow time flies..

No really, if I read one more article about playoff predictions I may puke. I think it should be a must for each prognosticator to state their previous predictions and results therein. It used to be cool when one or twelve folks did it, but there really aren’t 600 insiders are there?

How pathetic was Chris Bosh on the mic at the ACC yesterday? I play for my current employer?? No shit dick tracy! Any other useless information you want to share with the group?

Blair has an interesting take on the Wilson and Burke…I think he may be right…

“But don’t be surprised if the tone of their presentation changes during the off-season – possibly as early as this week – because the guess here is that from this point on, the focus will be on building up egos rather than shredding them. By next season, it’s possible at least half the Leafs’ roster will be players both Burke and Wilson believe are of some long-term use, and that’s important because it is those two men who set the tone for hockey discussion in the city.”

Ask anyone who knows and you will hear the same thing…The Maple Leaf Players hate Ron Wilson. That may not be a bad thing short term, yes, we all know that the Red Wings hated Scotty Bowman. Bowman, had rings…Wilson? Not so much. So if he wants to last he had better change his tune a tad. As for Burke, it won’t be easy selling the team when he is perceived as being a prick. No one wants to play in Toronto that badly (except maybe Cujo).

“Conventional wisdom was that Leafs fans wouldn’t handle rebuilding. Rubbish. What they couldn’t handle is trying to decipher messages delivered through back channels. Burke and Wilson know full well that the best way to deliver a tough message is to ensure it isn’t distilled by someone else. That’s why they’ve sold it.”

Bang on Mr. Blair…You, unlike many of your colleagues simply get it.

I am in Niagara Falls for the night..more later


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