Questions Abound For Team Burke

The most important role on the Maple Leafs over the next 4-5 months is that of the scout. Amateur and pro scouts are worth gold to Mr. Burke. Here is the question that I was asked today, rhetorically speaking: Apparently overhauling the scouting department is a priority for Burke. It will be very difficult to replace the current group or add to it before NHL contracts expire July 1. So, how does Burke allow those he doesn’t “trust” enough to stay on to run the upcoming draft? Of course this is all based upon the assumption that Burke is looking to make changes to the department.

It is rather odd, don’t you agree that he will rely on the word of those he doesn’t want to stay on in their current jobs? The draft is kind of important so you have to think he has this figured out. I know he has probably seen a lot more junior games this year, (not more then Toth, who are we kidding) same goes for Dave Nonis and all the other executives on staff. However, a great executive hires the right people to do jobs and then delegates accordingly. For examples see the successful teams in the league, year after year. While we will be most interested in how Burke rebuilds the on ice product, it could be equally as intriguing to see the old guard moved out and team Burke fully implemented. This by the way holds true for the equipment guys and the trainers too, all are likely up for review.

Speaking of players, Burke is sitting 7th right now. Do you think Burke is prepared to overpay enough to land JT? I haven’t seen the kid play up close and personal. I did read a great article about him in Toronto Life recently. Much to Toth’s chagrin I did watch quite a bit of him play when he was on TV during the odd tournament too. I only hope that if Burke is going to overpay for a draft pick he is betting on the right horse. That is, do you bet the pharm on Tavares? I don’t know the answer to the question, I am only asking it. Question, would you deal Luke Schenn and this years pick for Tavares? That is the type of thing that I would think the Isles would want back, don’t you? If Burke is right and not every team rates JT #1, then is he the horse you bet on? Don’t get me wrong, I think we know he is the guy you take if you are number 1. But is he the guy you mortgage a lot to get a shot to take number one? All of this of course assumes that the Isles will even consider dealing the pick. Unfortunately Brady’s favorite broadcaster isn’t running team Isles anymore.

So the Bills are playing the Jets in the Toronto game this year. Do you think this will improve tickets sales? The rumored game was the Colts. In my opinion more Torontonians may have come out to see the Colts play the Bills. However, Jets fans are nuts. No seriously, nuts. So I can easily see them coming to Toronto to scoop up any tickets possible. The question is (I am full of them tonight sorry), does it matter to team Rogers who attends the games? If the simple goal is to fill the building, this may be a good thing. Alternatively, if the idea is to cultivate the market, gauge interest and grow something in preparation for an eventual team then this game, in my opinion does little.

Curious has anyone seen or heard anything of substance re our basketball team as it pertains to next season? Wholly apathy batman….

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