Has Chris Bosh Peaked? Espn Thinks So…

Well this certainly is interesting isn’t it. Once again the city of Toronto is in basketball hell. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Team performance is brutal, no one knows who is coaching, no one knows whether the star player is staying and well, the fans keep on filling the barn. Good times eh?

Fascinating piece in today’s National Post on the state of the Raptors, but I will get to that in a minute. First, our friends over at ESPN, you know ESPN, the network our protectionist brothers and sisters at heritage Canada don’t want us to see for reasons totally absurd to me, anyways, one of their basketball guys has an interesting take on Mr. Raptor, Chris Bosh. Bill Simmons in his annual review of the candidates for MVP lists Bosh at #37… Here is what he has to say:

“37. Chris Bosh
From my 2005 Trade Value column : “The runaway winner of the 2005 Shareef Abdur-Rahim Award, given annually to a tantalizing young star on a losing team who everyone assumes will keep getting better and better, when the reality is that he’s close to hitting his ceiling already, and his numbers look so good mainly because he was playing 35-40 minutes a game on a bad team. Remember I told you this when Bosh is making $15 million a year on a 22-win Toronto team five years from now, and he’s the subject of 370 trade rumors before the 2009 draft.” Just call me Nostrasimbo.”

Well Nostraimbo, here we are! Isn’t it interesting that Brian Burke and now Simmons start using the P word when looking at the performance of players…In this case P is for perspective. Burke used it in discussing Mikhail Grabovsky’s performance and salary requests and here Simmons used it to gauge just how good Bosh would be when he wrote this about 4 years ago.

As you know I am not a bball guy. However, it fascinates me to no end when a guy went out on a limb nearly 4years ago and he appears to be pretty bang on in his prediction.

Now, the National Post.

“A lot of the games are on TSN2. The season had been in shambles,” Stephenson, a small business owner, said. “The team on the court was terrible. The state of our section was horrible. It was cold, specifically in that game. But it was cold most of the season.”We were basically just fed up.”

The author of that quote is a fan, Michael Stephenson. Now, wasn’t the hiring of Bryan Collangelo supposed to calm the waters in Raptorland? The guy is human, and we can’t blame him for many an ailment, EXCEPT, he is the boss and the buck does stop at his desk. Let’s review just for a second. The team that he called the best he ever assembled in Toronto sucked…yes sucked. He replaced the coach with a feel good vanilla coach who won’t sell one ticket next season. His team plays soft and it’s star player won’t yet to commit to a future with the team. Oh, and without a doubt the on air talent, radio and TV are without a question the worst in professional sports. I swear each time I hear “jonsey” I look for a noose. So what exactly has Bryan Collangelo changed with this mess? Where is the calming influence? Forget the success.

“Even as the Raptors struggled this year, the Air Canada Centre remained 94.8% full, better than a handful of playoff teams. The poor economy will likely put a dent into season-ticket purchases next year, but the arena should still be fairly busy, especially if Colangelo can turn around the on-court product. Even Stephenson and his friends have renewed for next season.”

And you know what PT Barnum would say about that…..

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