Did Alexander Ovechkin Drop 6G’s On Strippers?

Don’t we all go to peeler bars and drop say, 9 large on booze and women? A buddy said to me today how guilty he felt spending $200 at his own stag. He should feel guilty that his own fellas didn’t take care of him on his last night of freedom! In any event. The net is a wonderful thing, and sometimes one has to be skeptical about certain things that float aroung on it due to the fine creations like Photoshop…

One such example hit my inbox tonight- a photo of one Alexander Ovechkin looking a little buzzed with a couple of lovely’s with him and the accompanying bill for one night of entertainment at Teavers Rivonia which is a peeler bar I believe in South Africa..

Take a look for yourself and decide if they are real:

Here is the itemized bill:

Now I don’t think the allegation is that this was very recent (like not last night)…All in good fun right?

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