Is John Tavares The Property of Toronto?

I have read some dumb things in my life, but this one takes the cake:

“What a bizarre dynamic, this notion in some quarters of the Toronto media that somehow they and the Maple Leafs are above the game because – you know – hockey is very popular there.”

Wait just a minute there. The media here should never be aligned with the Maple Leafs, we all know that the media in this town do little but dump all over the Leafs and especially their fans.

Point Blank, is a very well written blog by the former head of the Isles PR department. I read it often and like it. Today’s post is the rare exception.

“After the lottery on Tuesday night, I wrote about how Leafs Prez Brian Burke would immediately go to work on his “fawning media corps.” Sure enough, he did yesterday morning. He called Garth Snow and then he let word out that he called Garth Snow. Of course, the media jumped all over it – never mind the fact the Leafs do not have anything of value to offer the Islanders”

Say what you want about our fawning media, at least they show up. Did Burke play them? Like a violin baby! Instead of bemoaning the number of years without a playoff gate all anyone was talking about was John Tavares. I will Garth Snow decide whether or not Burke has something to offer or not.

“Should I interpret ‘fawning media corps’ to be a reference to hockey media in a town where people actually care about the team and thus significant numbers of media people actually get paid by independent media organizations to cover the team, not just blog from their basements? Too funny coming from Long Island of all places.”

That was written by one Toronto scribe to Chris Botta, the author of Point Blank. I totally agree with the comment I love how this city gets bashed because we over cover the hockey team. God forbid!

Who wrote the email? I will let you decide for yourself, but take a look at the “hint”:

” I received an email from a major Toronto sports columnist taking exception to “fawning media corps.” It was from a writer I’ve known for a while and I like and respect, in large part because he doesn’t fawn. He’s tough, he stands by what he writes and he doesn’t let anyone – let alone a GM or PR flak – try to tell him what to do.”

There are only 1 or 2 who fit that bill my friends, and if you read the above quote from hims email enough times you can quickly identify the source.

“Ah yes, the ol’ everyone-blogs-from-their-basements counterpunch. I’m surprised he didn’t say we all write in our pajamas at mom’s house).”

Now that is just plain stupid.

“The hockey haughtiness in some parts of Toronto can be a little scary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did any local sports columnist write that A.J. Burnett should sign with the Yankees and bolt the Blue Jays because baseball is much more popular in New York?”

The argument about NBA or MLB players being stuck in a small market like Toronto is made all the time. I think we just have thicker skin here…

“In Toronto, you have a Sun columnist telling John Tavares for two months that he shouldn’t join the Islanders. There’s the recent piece in the supposedly higher-standard Globe & Mail advising Burke to essentially tamper with Tavares (”the right phone call here, the proper whisper there.”).”

Wholly cow….this is really funny. If this were the NBA and it were Kobe’s draft year or Garnett or hell look at ESPN’s coverage of Chris Bosh, we hear this shit all the time about American players playing American games here in Toronto… geesh

“A radio reporter breathlessly bragged in his online column about how he called JT right away to tell him the wonderful news that Burke wanted him. Okay, while you’re at it you might want to let the kid know the Leafs don’t have anything to offer. Remember now, Luke Schenn – the next Scott Stevens, the way he’s billed in TO – is already untouchable.”

Now who could that be????? This one is almost funny….

“The Toronto writer ticked off about my “fawning media corps” comment and I exchanged some follow-ups. I told him my jab wasn’t aimed at him. I made my baseball in New York analogy. I defiantly boasted that he could thumb his nose at hockey bloggers in New York all he wants, but I work as hard and I’m as passionate about the sport as any writer in Toronto”

No one writes in specifics. No attack is ever made on the individual and the author in this case knows better…

“He countered that I should have been specific, that by taking a broad swipe at every media person in his city, I brought down a lot of hard-working people. That was completely fair, and I told him I was wrong to do that. For the record, there are countless members of the Toronto sports media who are outstanding, dedicated, accurate and who are not Leafs booster club members.”

No he is really pushing it….there may be one or two,but countless? I think not! Have you heard about the one who uttered the word cocksucker on the air???

You can read the entire post here, in truth it’s a good read. Off base but a good read.

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