Cocksucker Millions Punished

Classic. I told you David Akande wouldn’t be pleased. The Sportsnet head huncho levied a suspension on Roger Millions for uttering the word Cocksucker on television:

“Reporter Roger Millions has been taken off the air for a few days after Rogers Sportsnet unintentionally aired an embarrassing outtake, according to network sources. The faux pas sent shock waves through the all-sports network yesterday, prompting an internal memo from executive producer Mike English. English’s message was that Millions was being humiliated worldwide on and other Internet sites because shortcuts were taken by others to get his report on the air. According to industry executives, there were many people to be blamed for the broadcast, including Millions, who never should have uttered the profanity.”

Pluuuuze. I have to say the one person who has the least to blame is Millions himself. They employ editors all sorts of folks to ensure crap like this doesn’t air. Millions was being humiliated because someone didn’t do their job.

“It is unfortunate that the comment made it to air,” Sportsnet spokesman Dave Rashford said. “We apologize and are confident this will not happen again.”

They are, are they. This isn’t the first time something like this aired on this network. It’s hard to believe he actually got punished for this. I can’t believe this is the first or last on air personality who has uttered something like this, however he may be one of the few to have it actually air. Roger, you were sold out. (No I am ont excusing him for saying it (I think it’s hilarious). I just think it is the norm for the industry.)

Read the article from the globe here.

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