Is Larry Brooks The Best Reason To Cheer For The Maple Leafs?

Could you imagine the voltage needed to shock and re-shock Larry Brooks heart should the Maple Leafs ever win the cup? The biggest homer not named Simpson would go code blue the instant the game ended in which John Tavares was about to drink from the Lord Stanley’s Cup breaking the 1967 drought. What a fantastic thought, 60 trillion volts of electricity needed entering the puny body of Bob Goodenow’s number one fan. I would say restart the heart, but I am not sure a more famous character has lived sans a heart since, the Tin Man.

“The grandstanding Brian Burke got the attention on TSN and in the Toronto newspapers that he apparently needs the way the rest of us need air to breathe, but the general manager of the Maple Leafs isn’t going to get the first pick of the Entry Draft from the Islanders, no matter how often he announces his intention to get it from Garth Snow.”

Can you imagine the dribble to come out of the Scarecrow’s keyboard had the Leafs and not the team who’s logo cover’s his comforter signed Matt Gilroy???? Gilroy has gone from what would have been the the next biggest bust since Jim Benning to Bobby Orr cause he plays for Homer Simpson’s team.

” Slap Shots has learned from a well-placed source that when Burke, as announced and as promised, placed a call to the winner of the lottery (the Islanders victorious in the postseason, quite the novelty, by the way), he was told by Snow that the Islanders would be willing to deal, all right . . . willing to deal for Toronto’s seventh-overall selection, that is. As it stands now, the Islanders have San Jose’s first rounder via the Chris Campoli-Mike Comrie trade with Ottawa that will come in between 26th and 30th overall, depending upon the Sharks’ success in the playoffs. The Islanders also have their own second-round pick that will be the 31st overall selection, and the Bruins’ 60th overall pick in the draft. So the Islanders will take the seventh overall pick from Toronto in exchange for the Sharks’ first, their own second and perhaps Boston’s second, as well. Burke can have his trade. Turnabout, after all, is fair play. Even if Snow doesn’t announce his offer to TSN.”

Would that be the same well placed source who told Slap Shots that Mats Sundin was going to be a New York Ranger? TSN may have reported what Burke had to say, but only a total moron would report this. That is, unless the moron had an ulterior motive. Clearly the Tin Man does Leaf fans, so take this one with a large grain of salt. When Tavares wears blue and white ( 🙂 ) and he raises the cup we will know what to do, or what to say….


The rest of the Tin Man’s piece is here…

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