Ed Olczyk Slams Mike Keenan Politely

Mccown is back, and not a mention of cricket or lawn bowling! Was good listening to him, Brunt and Smith. I have to admit I was laughing when McCown called Ed Olczyk “Eddie O”. I hope Jeff Blair was listening. I didn’t get a chance to hear the whole show, so for those who did, I am curious what McCown had to say about Brian Burke and Brian Collangelo.

What I did hear was Ed Olczyk commenting on his old coach and current Calgary Flames coach, Mike Keenan. McCown asked Olczyk if he thought Keenan was the right coach for a team who was down in a series like Calgary is, a team in need of a motivating, calming presence. McCown was met with a short, quiet and uncomfortable pause. Olczyk said that it was a fair question and that in his experience which was back in 1994 Keenan wasn’t. He said that Keenan was the man when things went well and the team was winning, but when the team wasn’t winning, Keenan sang a different tune! OUCH. Olczyk tried to be politically correct by saying that maybe Keenan had changed and McCown would have no part of it. Olczyk then continued to say how shitty it is playing for Keenan as a young player, how he intimidates younger players to the point that they are scare of doing things on the ice.

It was a great listen and so refreshing from the typical ex-player insiders that we usually hear from in this town.

You can listen to it here.


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