Did Howard Berger Get One Right?

Indeed he did. While much of his latest post is blah and irrelevant, Howie hits the nail on the head when it comes to the ongoing issue between the Maple Leaf reporters and those who cover the New York Islanders:

“And, I close by wondering if there is a single member of the reviled Toronto hockey media that has actually predicted Brian Burke will land John Tavares at the NHL draft in June? This seems to be an accusation emanating quite liberally from New York these days, yet I cannot find a solitary example of such a projection. What many of us have done at this end since Burke’s now-famous press gathering last week is two-fold: a) surmise what it might take to wrest the No. 1 pick from the New York Islanders, while b) suggesting that Burke could be the only GM with the balls to pull it off. Otherwise, and speaking for myself, I have written and said that it will be almost impossible for the Leafs’ hockey boss to land the top pick, even if Luke Schenn is unavoidably dangled as bait. If merely discussing this possibility offends those in the New York region, it is their burden.”

No truer words on the issue have been written. Sounds to me like someones have an inferiority complex….

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