OHL Game Outdraws Toronto Marlies

I know, I am fixated on this right now. The Bellville vs. Brampton game last night outdrew the Marlie game…..The Marlies announced a crowd of over 2200, the OHL game???? 3221!


I have read the excellent comments on both of my earlier rants on this. here and here

Here are my comments in general:

1. RE: It’s not an event. Then shame on the Marlies for not making it an event. 3 different people told me that the crowd last night was between 750 and 800. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. If they can’t get more then 800 people out to a game they are doing something very, very wrong. Will it be like the skydome of old?? NO, of course not. Find your niche audience and cater the hell to it. 800 people is a joke. They should be totally embarrassed.

2. Icing a team of prospects- It’s irrelevant. This isn’t about the steak, it’s about the steak! It’s about filling the void to those who can’t or won’t pay to see the Leafs. The Rock and other type of alternatives do better then this i think. Don’t focus on the players or the product. Hell they are in the playoffs. Get a used car company to donate a car and raffle it off during an intermission, get someone to dress up as barney….whatever….bring in the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders…something…anything

3. Free Seat and Price- Yes $30 is too high for a playoff game. Tickets in advance of last night were advertised at $9. the whole building should be $9. My point on the free seat was to do something to encourage people to come and to bring others. If you give one seat away you will accomplish both.

4. Marketing and atmosphere on Sunday- I totally agree. Why anyone would text in anything at an event to win a “marlie prize pack” is beyong me. They didn’t even say what the prize pack was!!! The game was good, and the atmosphere was lousy. They aren’t focused on the right things. You shouldn’t want to leave your seats. Hell, they have no vendors coming to the aisles so you have to get up to get pre-bagged popcorn!

5. Roscoe the Season ticket holder: You don’t sound like an apologist- you are the paying customer! I can only tell you that I saw people leaving as they approached the doors when they saw the lines. When the building is 2/3 empty that is brutal. The guy we were with spoke to a Marlie guy on the phone, he was told that we were getting a deal at $30. He didn’t mention we could have sat anywhere for half of that…. With respect to concessions, do the marlies not control the concessions? If they don’t they should threaten to vacate if this isn’t addressed. Richard Peddie claims he goes to other areans specifically for this reason, to see what others are doing. I can tell you that the arena in Barrie is better operated. Kids play hockey all week long and at all hours. Give them the chance to play on an arena like the Ricoh and you will be surprised at the turnout. Get the beer leagues in too. The promos, while dumb, are crowd pleasers and they work. I mentioned the pizza pizza deal at the raptors game. The team was getting clobbered but when they hit 100 points the place went NUTS….The fact they include round one of the playoffs shows they are only mostly out to lunch. The fact that they still don’t draw flies shows you they are still out to lunch.

So come on folks, don’t you agree that we would support the team if it were more fun to do so??? I would take my kids a hell of a lot more often if it were. I know others would too. Not a knock on the OHL, but the Marlies have to outdraw them, have to!

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