Ex- Maple Leaf To Battle Maple Leafs

Well one of our questions has partially been answered- the who. While I doubt that he has the where with all to be the owner, ex Maple Leaf Kevin Maguire is the front of the group that wants to play in Vaughn, or as LT called them, the Vaughn Vipers. Gotta love this quote attributed to the ex-referee:

“Maguire, 46, declined to identify the members of the group yesterday, saying the media attention in the wake of a Globe and Mail story about a meeting between NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and several members of the group damaged its cause.”

Ah yes, the old ruined surprise attack. Did these guys think that they were going to secure a team in this city without someone knowing about it? Something tells me that the guys with the coin are smart enough to know that word was going to leak out and that the ramifications aren’t nearly as grave as they think they are right now…

Meanwhile, NHLPA boss Paul Kelley admitted that he has talked to groups…yes plural.. without admitting that he talked to Maguire’s group:

“Without discussing specifics, I have previously met informally with groups that have expressed an interest in putting a second team in Toronto or Southern Ontario,” Kelly said. “The viability of a second team in Toronto or southern Ontario should be explored, so, in the event that relocation needs to be considered for franchises that are struggling where they are currently located, a well-informed decision can be made.”

This story will likely die a quick death for sometime until, for some reason it becomes reasonable enough to dig up the 2nd team is coming scenario.

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